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    1850 Competitive Speed Freaks

    I may play with grots and boomguns here and there, but ultimately, my heart belongs to the speed freaks. Here's my list for the next tournament:


    Warboss w/bike, powerklaw, cybork, combi-scorchas [140] (with regular warbikers)


    20 Shoota boyz w/2 big shootas, nob, powerklaw, bosspole [170] (in battlewagon)

    20 Shoota boyz w/2 big shootas, nob, powerklaw, bosspole [170] (in battlewagon)

    20 Shoota boyz w/2 big shootas, nob, powerklaw, bosspole [170] (in battlewagon)

    7 Nob bikers w/3 powerklaws, painboy, cybork, waaaaaugh banner, bosspole [475]

    13 Grots w/runtherder [49]


    5 Warbikes w/nob, powerklaw, bosspole [165]

    3 Rokkit buggies [105]

    3 Rokkit buggies [105]


    Battlewagon w/big shoota, grot riggers [100]

    Battlewagon w/big shoota, grot riggers [100]

    Battlewagon w/big shoota, grot riggers [100]

    I dropped the deffrollas off the battlewagons for poitns. How's it look?

    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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    Grax, I have been reading your lists and guides for some time now and have always really appreciated your suggestions you make to everyone else. I am still quite a nub and I only want to offer up some observations, not really critiques by any means.

    1- In this case where you have all three of your your BW piling down on the EN, wouldnt this list benifit from having a Big Mek with KFF to ensure that your BWs get to the other end? If not, how do you intend to offer them cover saves, by maneuvering through terrrain? Or maybe Line them up two up one back for obscurity? Or do you use your fast troops to screen and provide cover save?

    2- In just a few short games I have found my BW with deff rollas to be awesome, the points that the deff rollas cost paid for themselves many times over. Personally I would make points for 1-2 DR's because you gain that flexibility to TS and Ram vehicles, which within the DR's you will have to relly on your nob biker squad heavily for anti-armour, or is that what the roket buggies are for? Do you find that your rocket buggies handle armour adequately to not have to focus another troop/elite choice against it?

    3- More of a question then comment but how do you employ your rocket buggy sqn's? Are they anti veh and anti heavy armour troops? What do you try to avoid with your Sqn's and are they only for flanking or do you often put them right out front of the main line?

    4- Since you are using your BW's as mobile shooting platforms for your Shootas, do you not find that extra 1" from the RPJ helps get your BW's into range of the EN vanguard? And what do you typically target with your shootas, other mob troop choices or do you go for mass rolls vs the EN elites or does it even matter ?

    5- Without your lootas, I assume that the nob biker and rocket buggies are taking on the roll of anti armour and tpts? do you find you need both sqns of buggies versus 1 ?

    I know that is a lot of questions ... personally I would skim off a couple boys from each BW and fix a DR onto one of them, preferably the better screened one to ensure it TS and rams your EN's armour.

    Your list looks really balanced and even if someone threw a pretty unique list at you I dont see any particular situation that you wouldnt be able to react.


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