Eldrad [210]

Farseer: Spear, Guide [78]

3x 10 Dire Avengers [360]
3x Wave Serpent: TLBL, SS [435]

11 Guardians, SL [103]

10 Warp Spiders, Exarch with Spinneret, Hit & Run, Deepstrike, Blades [272]

3x 3 War Walkers: each 2x SL [540]


Power Blades bought as I had a few points left, and I think they could be more useful than one more Guardian.

Eldrad hangs with DAs.
Farseer likely to hang with Guardians, looking after a Walker squadron.

Anti-tank via Serpents and DSing Warp Spiders.

As ever, comment and criticism welcomed.

Lord Ramon