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    A Little sumfink sumfink...(750pts)

    Just throwing a list together from what Ive read on these here forums and seeing if this would be a viable army list. It seems like it would be able to hold its own...


    Big Mek 90 pts
    KFF, Bosspole
    12XOrk Boyz 152pts
    Sluggas/Choppas. Nob w/ Power Klaw, Bosspole.
    Truck with Reinforced Ram

    12XOrk Boyz 152pts
    Sluggas/Choppas. Nob w/ Power Klaw, Bosspole.
    Truck with Reinforced Ram

    20XOrk Boyz 170pts
    Shootas, 2XBig Shootas. Nob w/ Power Klaw, Bosspole.
    Fast Attack

    5XDeffKoptas 175pts
    X5 T/L Big Shootas.
    739 pts

    The trucks advance and try to engage as quickly as possible, with the boyz and the Mek slogging up the field and going to mutilate anything left over from the slugga boyz. The deffkoptas will provide run and gun support by trying to engage any heavy weapons teams that may try and pick off the boyz. The main problem I see with this list is that I dont have much anti armor, but my solution for this is to simply ignore it! Besides, if my opponent decides to try and cramp tanks into a 750pts game Hes going to have a hard time keeping me from clobbering all his troops! Or I could just be completely wrong and end up with lots of dead orks.
    Oh yeah, and do you guys see anything I might be able to switch around to make better use of points? I mean 11 points from the goal seems like a lot. Thanks for the help!

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    Never been a fan of deff koptas. I'd replace them with nobs or rokkit buggies or even bikes. But that's just me.

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    I really don't see a point to using a big mek w/KFF in this small a game. The only thing he'd really be protecting is the single unit of 20 shoota boyz. If you remove one slugga boy out of the trukk he'll be able to ride along, but in any case, I don't think it'll be very effective.

    Instead, I'd remove a single slugga boy from a trukk and use a warboss w/powerklaw, cybork, and a combi-scorcha. That'll make the list far more versatile.

    I have no problem with the deffkoptas, especially in groups of 5 with big shootas. In this case I'd run them ahead of the trukks to give them cover. Rokkit buggies would be better, but if all you have are deffkoptas with big shotoas then use them, as they certainly aren't bad.

    If you really want to use the KFF, you could always replace the deffkoptas with a battlewagon w/big shoota and grot riggers, and 2 rokkit buggies. Cut a slugga boy out of a trukk, have the KFF ride in that trukk, and put the 20 shoot boyz in the battlewagon. Run the wagon and rokkit buggies ahead of the trukks, but all within range of the KFF. With that many vehicles, using a big mek w/KFF would be more worth it.

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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