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    2k DE - An Idea...

    So today I was talking to a couple of mates and at one point the topic of conversation was powergaming (most of them have power gaming armies, although they tend only to use them in 'serious' games instead of all the time like some people), and we talked about how power gaming armies were often purely based around mini maxing towards a goal of spamming certain units, and how these units were usually just pretected by the rest of the army, or used to complement the units abilities. It got me thinking, some very competitive lists spam heavy support choices (eg the gk land raider spam, although not really powergaming it works along the same lines). So i wondered if DE could do the same.

    I had a think about it, and although I would never build it I do have to wonder if it could work, I came up with this:

    HQ (277pts)
    Asdrubael Vect 277pts

    Elites (344pts)
    6 Wyches 112pts x2
    Wyche Weapons, Plasma Grenades, Succubus, Agoniser
    Raider 60pts x2

    Troops (960pts)
    8 Raiders 100pts x6
    Blaster, Splinter Cannon, Sybarite, Terrorfex
    Raider 60pts x6

    Heavy Support (405pts)
    Ravager 140pts x2
    3 Dissintegrators, Night Shield

    Ravager 125pts
    3 Lances, Night Shield

    Which, if my calculations are correct makes 1986pts

    what do you guys think, could/should it work, personally I don't see why it couldnt, the sheer volume of fire that can be unleashed seems rather disgusting, there are enough lances and other such weapons to take out most tanks and MC's, a dependable CC presence and so much to shoot at that the ravagers should be safe.


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    Vect + 3 Ravagers is a classic concept, and it works well from my play tests using proxies (I still need another Rav before I'll consider Vect). The main issue with this list becomes that you are replacing your main close combat unit, the Dark Eldar Lord, with a mainly shooty unit (CC is usually not worth the prospect of Vect actually getting killed). This problem is compounded by the fact that none of the sybarites can fill that role and the two Succubi are rather ho-hum. Agonisers or Punishers instead of pinning weapons are the way to go when you're already packing lots of heavy firepower like this. You might even consider adding a Dracite or combat drugs to help round things out.

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