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    2000 point competetive list

    feel free to comment

    Eldar 2000 point list

    HQ: Avatar 155p
    Farseer w/ fortune and runes of warding 100p
    10 warlocks w/ enhance and embolden 270p

    Troops: 10 Guardians w/ shrieken cannon 85p
    10 Guardians w/ shrieken cannon 85p
    10 Dire Avengers w/ exarch has P.W and S.S + Defend 162p
    10 Dire Avengers w/ exarch has P.W and S.S + Defend 162p
    2 Waveserpents both have shrieken cannons and spirit stones 220p

    Elites: 10 Howling Banshees exarch has executioner 182p
    10 Fire Dragons exarch has firepike and tank hunters 195p

    Fast Attack: 5 Swooping Hawks exarch has skyleap 132p

    Heavy Support: 5 dark reapers exarch has crackshot and tempest launcher 217p
    1 war walker w/ shrieken cannons 40p
    Total: 2000p

    please feel free to leave feedback

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    Avatar is fine.
    In a 2000 point list, I think the Farseer you definitely be pimped out. Give him/her spirit stones and another power, probably doom.
    I don't have too much experience with Warlocks, but 10 seems like way too many. The fact none of them has destructor is also puzzling. How do you plan on using these guys? I like putting them on bikes, but without knowing your intentions, I cant really suggest anything.

    The avenger squads could really use bladestorm, but other than that, they're ok. The serpents should also have higher tier weaponry, like EML or BL. Guardians... I take it you're using them as really cheap units to sit on objectives. Problem is, when they got shot up, they're running. Maybe add a warlock with embolden and add more guardians if you're set on using them. I'd prefer rangers or pathfinders in that role. Also, the Shuriken cannon is just meh. Give them something better to shoot as well.

    Banshees need a transport. Other than that, they're fine.

    WAAAAAAAY too many fire dragons. 10? That is overkill. Drop them to a 6 man squad. They should also have a transport, preferably a falcon. You also don't need any of the powers. If you want the fire pike, then leave the exarch in there, but I don't think its necessary.

    The swooping hawk exarch should really have a sunrifle too. Its just too cool not to add.

    Reapers are fine.

    Give the War Walker dual scatter lasers and try get three of them for lots of shootyness.

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