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    ork army 1500pts

    i wanted to run this army list through.if anyone has suggestions i would like to hear from you.

    ork warboss,power claw,bosspole,twin linked shoota 96pts

    ghazgkull thraka,ammo runt 228pts

    5 nobz,2 stikkbombz,1 shoota/skorcha,3 bosspoles,5 eavy armour,1 power klaw,1 big choppa 197 pts

    10 ork boyz,big shooota,1 big choppa,bosspole,nob 85pts

    10 ork boyz,big shoota,10 stikkbombz,eavy armour 115pts

    10 ork boyz (shootas)

    20 ork boyz,nob,big choppa,2 big shootas 145pts

    3 runtherd and 30 gretchin 120pts

    12 ork boyz with trukk,nob,big shoota,power klaw,1 stikkbomb 113pts

    1 trukk,armour plates,boarding plank,wreking ball,reinforced ram 65pts

    1 warbuggy 30pts

    2 killa kans,1 rokkit launcha,1 skorcha 90pts

    5 burna boyz 75pts

    5 burna boyz 75pts

    so what do you think reply plz

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    Have you checked out this post?:


    A few people, including myself, put it together as a basic guide for new Ork players. If you haven't checked it out yet, then I definitely would.

    There is honestly quite a few problems with the list.

    First and foremost, you can only take one bosspole in each unit. There's no point to 3 bosspoles in a unit, since it allows the unit as a whole to re-roll a leadership check. I always give each unit a bosspole, as long as they can legally take them, but you can only take one. The nobz unit is also a little small (I usually use 6-8 with 2-3 powerklaws), powerklaws are much better than big choppas, and they won't survive without a transport (trukk or battlewagon).

    On that note, Ork slugga boyz, shoota boyz, burnas, and nobz all either need to be in units of 20+ (not possible for burnas and nobz), or they need a transport. Small units of Orks just won't last unless they're hiding in cover, and that's pretty much just lootas and kommandos. Those nobz and burnas aren't going to do squat for you on foot. If you're not going to give them a transport, then I'd use lootas and kommandos instead.

    I don't think Ghazghkull can take an ammo runt. Although I'm not positive, I'm fairly certain that no special character's equipment can be altered unless specfically stated.

    Every unit of slugga and shoota boyz needs a nob with a powerklaw and bosspole. Big choppas are crap. Without powerklaws you'll have virtually no chance at all against marines or monstrous creatures.

    I'd only use 19 grots at most in each unit. Having multiple runtherds in the same unit is a waste of points.

    I'd use a rokkit or scorcha on the buggy, but it's up to you. Use whatever you like.

    Never mix weapon types (big shootas, rokkits, scorchas) in the same unit. I wouldn't give the killa kan a scorcha in any case, as it doesn't take advantage of his good BS. If anything, give them grotzookas. I usually give rokkits to the buggies and kustom mega blastas to the killa kans. It's up to you, but no matter what, don't have multiple types of weapons in the same unit.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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    I'm sorry but this is just awful.

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