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    1000 pt Jetbike list

    For fun I decided to make a 1000 point jetbike list, I don't know whether it would do alright or not when I actually field them so i'd like some input if its a good idea or not. I play against Tyranids, Tau, Imperial Guard, but mostly go against Black Templar and Necrons.

    HQ (578 pts)
    -Runes of Witnessing
    -Eldar Jetbike
    -Singing Spear
    With Warlock Retinue
    Warlock x5
    -Destructor x5
    -Eldar Jetbike x5

    -Eldar Jetbike
    -Laser Lance
    -Fusion Gun

    Troops (152 pts)

    Jetbike Squadron x3
    -Shuriken Cannon
    Jetbike Squadron x3
    -Shuriken Cannon

    Fast (237)
    Shining Spears x5
    -Star Lance
    -Skilled Rider

    Total: 967 pts

    So what do you guys think this would be good against? Or is it a bad idea all together? Any input positive and negative would helpful. The idea was to keep the autarch with the shinning spears. Slowly peck away units with the shuriken cannon and take out specialized units with mind war and if the squad is small enough fortune the shining spears and autarch and doom the enemy squad rushing in for destructor if I have to, and hopefully wiping it out in the first round of assault or tremendously cut down the numbers with the shining spears and autarch.

    With the extra point left over I was thinking of giving each warlock a singing spear and chucking them at tanks and assault to get rid of them. Or maybe even a reaper launcher instead of fusion gun on autarch?

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    The jetbike seer council is sick. I mean really awesome, but there may not be enough turns in the game for them to earn their points back. Strongly consiger doing away with ruins of whitnessing, and even mind war to free up so more points for troops. While mind war can easily break the back of an enemies specialized troops, you can't afford to not cast fortune and either doom or guide each turn to maximize your killing potential. And incidentally, the destructor storm works amazingly well against most types of enemies. You might wanna consider keeping the seer council, swapping one shot of destructor for enhance and giving that model a shinning spear (so he can have something fun to shoot while the rest of his friends destructor away, and just switching it to a falcon instead of jetbikes. That way you save some points and get another unit. If you stay on the jetbikes, don't give em spears, it reduces the number of attacks that they get in CC, and if you are close enough to huck the spear you are probably close enough to assault.

    The autarch on jetbike with blaster and spear with the rest of his spear totting homies is just how i run my autarch. Its brutal. But in a 1000 point game i have a hard time justifying it. This unit draws a lot of fire and has very few wounds, and with the limited range on the lances they don't offer very much for crowd control (especially cause they are NOT using str 6 power weapons on the second round of a combat or if they get charged)

    The troop choices are my greatest cause for concer. For most game types you are only SIX BULLETS away from only being able to tie. Obivously that's a worst case senario, but realistically its more like 16 bullets factoring in toughness and armor. If there are any armies that can't direct 16 bullets in one turn towards you, they are probably running toward you

    So in terms of kick-*** concept armies this one would be an absolutely blast, feasibility on the other had you've only got 18 models on the board. Granted they all have a 3+ save and can move very quickly, you're still taking HUGE losses each time any one of those suckers goes down. On top of that you're still facing instant death anytime anything str 6 comes along (despite the jetbike). If you were playing against my buddies 1000 point list of marines the devs would just tear the autarch and homies to peices with no saves. Not to mention that one vindicator shot could reduce your army by almost 30%!!! That's a bad place to be. So yeah, it'd be a blast to play with, but i think that most games would end with you being absolutely manhandled by turn 3. People might disagree with me, But there ain't no way that the seer council can make THAT many saves even if they are re-rolled. Think of it this way, two sqauds of 20 gaurdsmen have a pretty good chance of bringing the spears and autarch down. Realistically, 3 squads of guards men will probably reduce the council down to just the farseer or worse, and then they would still have PLENTY of points left for Leemans. Then, even if you made every single shot and hit and wounded and the same in combat (assuming they left you get close enough for the combat) you'd still have another guardsmen unit waiting to rapid fire into you and the tank to clean up whatever they miss... BUT it would be an extremely fun army to play.
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    Basically, you need more ranged firepower. The only way you are getting that is by reducing your seer council. I know it's hard, I love them myself, but you need the points elsewhere. Besides, all of the destructors on the council are overkill, and keeping them out of CC to use it is signing their death warrant.
    Drop the warlocks, you don't need them. If you're going to keep sticking to just jetbikes, add in all of your new points to troops, if it makes you feel better you can put warlocks in the troop squads. Keep the squads with warlocks small, use embolden and a singing spear, and use them for tank hunting. The larger squads should hover around 20" away from your opponent and use multiple shurikan cannons to whittle them down.
    If you're willing to use oversized jetbikes, vypers can also supply a solid amount of ranged firepower, at the cost of being targets.

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