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    1500 Shining Spear Army

    Right now I only have a Tao army, but I want to get an Eldar one soon. I've read over the codex and read a bunch of army lists and tacticas and decided to get an army list together so I could figure out what models to buy.

    I only play with my friends, and our games are pretty casual so I don't need this list to be able to compete in tournaments, just to be something fun that won't lose every game. The goal of this list is to use a squad of Shining Spears as a powerful assault / close range shooting squad while the rest of the army draws fire and offers support.

    158 - HQ
    :: Jetbike
    :: Singing Spear
    :: Eldrich Storm, Fortune
    :: Spirit Stones
    The farseer will ride with the Shining Spears. Fortune will allow them to re-roll saves which will be vital in keeping them alive. Eldrich Storm is to soften up infantry before a charge, or to kill vehicles.

    Autarch 120 - HQ
    :: Jetbike
    :: Power Weapon, Fusion Gun
    The Autarch will also ride with the Spears, and will help them be more effective in assualt. The fusion gun will help out against vehicles or weaken heavy infantry before the charge.

    5 Shining Spears 252 - Fast Attack
    :: Exarch [Shuriken Cannon, Star Lance, Withdraw, Skilled Riders]
    Riding with the Farseer and Autarch, the Shining Spears will move into assault with enemy infantry and light vehicles. These 7 jetbikes should be able to handle most enemies in assualt, especially after a shooting phase and charge.

    6 Guardian Jetbikes + Warlock 205 - Troops
    :: Warlock [Jetbike, Singing Spear, Destructor]
    :: 2 Shuriken Cannons
    This jetbike squad will follow the spears and help provide some support for them. The warlock's template and the shuriken cannons will shoot at a squad that the spears want to assualt, making it much thinner so that the spears can wipeup in assualt.

    10 Guardians 100 - Troops
    :: Scatter Laser
    No huge purpose here besides having some bodies on the ground.

    15 Guardians + Warlock 180 - Troops
    :: Warlock [Conceal]
    :: Scatter Laser
    Escort for the Wraithlord, the warlock with conceal will help keep the guardians alive as long as possible, while making sure the Wraithlord doesn't stop.

    Vyper x2 110 - Fast Attack
    :: 2 Shuriken Cannon
    Not in the same squad, these vypers are meant to rush in and attack infantry when needed.

    Wraithlord 155 - Heavy Support
    :: 2 Flamers
    :: Brightlance, Missle Launcher
    The Wraithlord is meant to draw fire away from the Spears / HQ. It is equipped with a brightlance to kill tanks and the missle launcher because its versitile.

    War Walkers x3 210 - Heavy Support
    :: 2 Missile Launchers
    With most of the attention on the wraithlord and spears, the walkers should be able to avoid too much fire. I picked the missile launchers because of the high range and the fragility of the walkers.

    Am I totally on the wrong track here or does this list have any potential for casual play? How can I make it better?

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    I personally haven't had a whole lot of luck with eldrich storm. The big plate is fun, but at strength 3 ap nothing, it lacks a LOT of killing power, and even though it gets 2D6 + 3 for penetration it still lacks the nuke power on vehicles cause it takes the ap nothing penalty. If you are using to rearrange vehicles for the bikes, it doesn't really matter cause they assault on the rear anyway.

    I like a lance on the Autarch better. If you give him mandiblasters too that turns into a shot of melta, and 6 dice of strength six power weapon at 18 inches range (including the assault), on an unbelievable WS and plasma grenades. If you don't kill everything out right with the bike unit you're building you're probably assaulting the wrong things or using em in risky places, so the power weapon just means that you've only got strength 3 power weapon hits instead of strength 6.

    It could be very fun to give it a whirl, I'm concerned that their mobility makes them way too much of a target compared to the other units on the board. Being as they are the only real threat that can move more than 12 inches consistently it'd be easy for them to draw a great deal too much of the opponents fire power, but if you make em sit out a turn or two, they loose their advantage of speed and close combat. If you fielded just one more fast unit, like a wave serpent with dire avengers or something along those lines, it'll probably serve you a little bit better for distracting purposes.

    But if all you are looking for is some fun casual play that list will do just fine. Even though guardians are usually just fodder most of the time.

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    I agree with Farts, Eldritch Storm, though a cool ability, never really does much. Its one of those, looks good on paper type things. I think Doom would suit you much better, making sure that whatever those Shining Spear charge, they kill.

    I also think that your autarch will much better off with the lance and mandiblasters, makes him so much more of a killing machine.

    Looking at the rest of your list, it looks OK but i think you have too much of a contrast between fast units and static units, Eldar don't mix these well, everything must work together in symphony otherwise we die! I would recommend dropping the Walkers and the Wraithlord for a couple of Fire Prisms, great weapons and fast moving mean they will take some fire off the spears, and if they don't, your opponent will regret it because they kill things fast, a lascannon with a template will destroy most things.

    Other than that its OK. However I do not like static guardian squads, but thats just personal preference. they are too weak 9 times out of 10.

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