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Thread: New to Necrons

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    New to Necrons


    I have an old semi completed Necron army. I have never wrote up an army list or such just brought the Codex, Battleforce MKII and a Necron Lord with Resurrection. Now after really getting back into the hobby i have decided to turn my incomplete Necron force into a tournament force. Now before i start writting up army lists and buying more models are there any choices in the codex unfovourable. So far i have been thinking running a 2000 point army like this:

    Necron Lord
    36 Necron Warriors
    3 Wraiths
    6 Destroyers

    Now this is off coarse just a rough strain of thought but back to my question is there anything in the army which i should stay away from?

    Warriors of Chaos Khorne Army WiP

    Check it out!

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    Hey I'm playing a 2000 point game against elddar on the weekend and im fielding

    nightbringer 40 warriors 6 destroyers 2 heavy destroyers and 2 monoliths

    i believe that u should have about 10 warriors per 500 points to raise phase out

    I dont have any of the elite choices or wraiths flayed ones ect because they are really expensive for wat they are here in australia but i believe that flayed ones or wraiths could really help you againts close combat such as space marines or orks and immortals are really just a tanked up warrior but i would rather have destroyers.

    no elites seem to do fine for me i would like to have some but until they either come out in plastic or get cheaper they are not gonna be included in my army.

    so really just a few more warriors and you should be fine.

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    The list looks pretty solid. Only thing I would say is that 3 Wraiths on their own are going to do very little. You should be using them in two units of 3 supported by a Lord for them to really be effective, in my opinion. In 2000 points, I'd also recommend another 4 Warriors for 4 squads of 10. Other than that, no worries.

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