Hi guys

I'm new to the forum so its good to see you all. I m from Greece and this is the list I deployed in the last tournament i played.

1xNecron Lord with VoD & ResOrb upgraded Warscythe 210pts
1xNecron Lord with DestroBody, Phase Shifter & ResOrb 200pts

16xWarriors 288pts
14xWarriors 252pts
12xWArriors 216pts
10xWArriors 180pts

8xPariahs 288pts

Fast Attack
4xDestroyers 200pts
4xDestroyers 200pts

Heavy Support
1xMonolith 235pts
1xMonolith 235pts

Total 2504pts

I placed 2nd behind Mechanized 'Rks who got very very fast in CC but overral it was a good 4round tour

Any suggestions or comments r welcome.

PSoz if my english is not so good