HQ: Lord w/ res orb + solar pulse (Or D-Lord w/ phase shifter (or warscythe + solar pulse)?)
Trp: 3x10 Warriors
Elt: 2x7 Immortals
FA: 2x2 wraiths
HS:2x Tomb spyders
HS: 2x Heavy Destroyers.
Total : 1496 PO: 12

I'm finally getting some new Immortals, and thought I'd write a list to show them a little love. Also my wraiths have not received and attention as of late, so I put them in there as well. Figured the list needed SOMETHING to keep the opponent's head down while it marches, so they HDs got added in (didn't have enough to field a good number of standards).

Immortals will go in front, their gun is strongest and they have the toughest squads, with tomb spyders to flank them for protection. Wraiths will fly in fast to ensnare snipers, heavy weapons, and tanks early on. Warriors will make up the core of the phalanx. Heavy destroyers pick a flank (opposite the wraiths) and ping heavy armor/MCs from that side. I've come to the conclusion that NIght-fighting is a crippling effect to Necron shooting, and being able to cancel it out is paramount to success, and if NF isn't in effect, I can just slap it on my wraiths or Heavy Destroyers first turn to give them some added protection.