So next week im starting a 6 week escalation tourny starts at 750 ends at 2000. Most of my enemies will be eldar, SM and Guard, and maybe a tau and necron dont know if they are going to do this thought so mainly first 3.

Here is what i got so far for my list its not done im still going to mess with it this is just what i came up with in a few minutes. I dont have large number of models to choose from im getting the other half my army in the coming weeks.

3 Warriors(1BS, 1VC, 1DS) with enhanced senses
10 Hormagaunts
12 Gaunts with Fleshborer
6 Genestealers with Feeder Tendrils
2 Zoanthrope Warp Blast, Synapse
1 Fex 2 twin linked devourers with enhanced senses
1 fex CC, ST with toxic miasma, adrenal glands(WS) and tusked

Total is 750 exact if math is right

So far ive played SM twice and won twice with it but eldar tore it up. So any comments for biomorphs or changes will help just so you know i have a few more stealers and bunch of gaunts. I have a hive tyrant with VC, ST also and 1 lictor, 1 biovore.

BTW im getting another battleforce box and probably a broodlord and another fex or something i dont know yet in 1-2 weeks.