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    First Nids List from Eldar player - 1500


    Title sums it up really. Looking for advice on this first list. Just starting to build an amry so need an idea of what to get or not to get! Here's my ideas anyways:


    Broodlord + EC, FH, FT, TS - 96
    5 Genestealers + EC, FH, ST - 125


    14 Spinegaunts - 70
    14 Spinegaunts - 70
    10 Spinegaunts + WON - 80
    13 Hormogaunts + TS, FH - 167
    7 Genestealers + EC, FH - 147
    6 Genestealers + EC, FT, TS - 144


    4 Warriors + Deathspitters, EC, ST, TS - 136
    Carnifex + 2x TWL Devourers, ES - 113


    Carnifex + Vennon Cannon, Barbed Strangler, ES, RC
    3 Zoanthropes 2x Warp Blast & Synapse Creature, 1x Synapse Creature, Psychic Scream

    Any feedback welcomed and appreciated!

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    well this certainly isnt a bad start of a list, but there are a couple of things you could do. Broodlord and genestealers are effective but 5 isnt realy worth it theyll just get killed. i like to use 11 with tallons and toxin sacs, this puts out 44 S5 attacks, re-rolling to hit, probably on 3s. very nasty. Also if you outflank them, you dont have to worry too much about the lower save, but if youd rather infiltrate them, then the carapace is well worth taking. as for your troops, spinegaunts are nice, but unless you want cheap objective campers, which you have in the WON gaunts, you should take fleshboarers, the 1 point increase is definatly worth it. hormagaunts are very good at disrupting the opponents plans and eliminating key units very fast. However, you need more. I like 20 with sacs and the WS adreanal gland. come in very hand VS MEQ's. As for stealers, im not kean on running them along, but they can work well. Your elite are tried and tested, as is the sniper fex. only other note is that 1 psychic scream isnt going to do a huge amount.

    The only changes id make are to remove the stealers, add more to the broodlord and increase the gaunt numbers. You could try making the fex CC but that is personal.

    Good luck with it and welcome to the nids

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