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    1750p Eldar, newish

    Hey LO

    So this is probably my finalized build i will be shooting for.
    It did have some War Walkers in there, and i will get some when the time comes i think.
    I might go with just a doom seer, freeing up a few points to fill the banshee squad out to max..

    Farseer doom, guide, runes of warding, spirit stones 135

    10 Guardians with a spirit seer, embolden and a scatter laser 131
    10 Guardians with a warlock, embolden and a scatter laser 125
    10 Dire Avengers Exarch Defend power weapon shimmer shield 162
    10 Dire Avengers Exarch twin-linked shuriken cats and blade storm 152
    Wave Serpent with twin-linked shuriken cannon and spirit stones 110

    8 Striking Scorpions inc Exarch with Scorpions Claw 155
    8 Howling Banshees inc Exarch with executioner 166
    Wave Serpent with twin.linked shuriken cannons and spirit stones, 110
    6 Fire Dragons 96
    Wave Serpent with twin-linked shuriken cannon and spirit stones, 110

    2 Wraithlords with Bright Lance and Missile Launcher 310

    Sm, Ork Horde and IG is my main oponents where i play..
    Will this deal with the threats you think? Any Thoughts?


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    nice list but i would highly recommend putting shadow strike on your scorpion exarch. other than that the list looks great.

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