HQ Shas'el XV8 commander [97 pts]
- Fusion Blaster - Cyclic Ion Blaster - Positional Relay - HW Multi Tracker

EliteA Stealth Team [165 pts]
Shas'vre leader
- burst cannon - Bonding Knife
3 shas'ui cohorts
- Burst Cannons - Targeting Array

EliteB Shas'vre XV8 [92 pts]
- Fusion Blaster - Plasma Rifle - Shield Generator - HW Multi Tracker

TroopA Fire Warriors [195 pts]
Shas'ui and 8 Shas'la all pulse rifles
Devilfish - burst cannon - Gun Drones - Disruption Pod -Flechette discharger

TroopB same as A [195 pts]

Fast Attack Gun Drones Unit (6 angry frisbees) [72 pts]

Heavy Support Hammerhead [175 pts]
- Railgun - SMS - Disruption Pod - Flechette Discharger

So the grand total of this list is 991 points. The plan is to set out the two Devilfish, Hammerhead and Commander and leave the rest in reserve for Deep Striking. From what I've gathered, the Positional Relay will allow me to choose one unit each turn for a reserve roll. Only that unit will come out or none will. So I can adjust on the fly where I need forces and when. I could choose either the Gun Drones or Stealth suits to contest objectives or sneak a fusion equiped XV8 behind a tank. Doing this should also help me learn how best to take advantage of Deep Strike with 3 DS a game.

Am I being too complicated for my first list? Should I put more or less in reserve? Am I dismissing infiltrate on the Stealth unit? Would I be better off breaking the Gun Drones apart and distributing them to the Stealth or XV8s?