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Thread: 2k Competitive

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    Senior Member Lord Ramon's Avatar
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    128 (x3)

    2k Competitive

    Craftworld Lanthe List (2,000pts)


    Farseer: Runes of Warding. Spirit Stones, Doom & Fortune [145pts]


    Squad of 9 Howling Banshees: Exarch has Executioner [166pts]
    Wave Serpent: TL-Shuriken Cannon, Star Engines, Spirit Stones [125pts]


    Squad of 10 Dire Avengers: [120pts]
    Wave Serpent: TL-Shuriken Cannon, Star Engines, Spirit Stones [125pts]

    Squad of 10 Dire Avengers: [120pts]
    Wave Serpent: TL-Bright Lance, Spirit Stones [145pts]

    Squad of 10 Guardians: Bright Lance [110pts]

    Guardian Jetbike Squadron: 6 bikes, 2x Shuriken Cannon [152pts]


    Squadron of 3 Vypers with Scatter Laser [180pts]

    Squadron of 1 Vyper with Bright Lance [75pts]


    War Walker Squadron: 3 War Walkers each with Bright Lance & Eldar Missile Launcher [240pts]

    Squad of 5 Dark Reapers: Exarch has Tempest Launcher, Fast Shot, Crack Shot [237pts]

    Support Weapon Battery of 2x Shadow Weavers [60pts]


    My intention with this list, is to have a take on all comers list, ready to take to clubs. Having experimented with 5th for a while now, I‘ve now gone back to basics.

    The 7 units of firepower (Guardians, BL WaveS, 3 SC-Vypers, BL-Vyper, 3 WarW, DarkR, Artillery) should give me a reasonable firebase. My biggest concern is only having one Assault unit.

    - Farseer deploys with the Banshees. Although Mind War is awesome, I’ve found Doom to be vital for my Banshees, especially against T4+. Fortune is just so good at keeping them alive.

    - One squad of DA will travel in the Star Engined Wave Serpent, working with the Banshees.

    - The Bright Lance Wave Serpent is primarily for anti-tank, as is the BL Vyper and the Guardians. I know that Vypers aren’t the vehicle of choice for BLs, far from it in fact. However, I needed some more moving A/T, and this was the cheapest option. I did think about taking a Wraithlord, but wanted the Shadow Weavers more. I don't own a Prism, otherwise I would have used that instead.

    - In some circumstances the Jetbikes will begin in Reserve, to keep them alive for a round or two, and allow me to deploy them across my baseline. Sometimes they will form a team with the Vypers.

    Comment and criticism appreciated.

    Lord Ramon

    Last edited by Lord Ramon; May 11th, 2009 at 17:44. Reason: Forgot the Farseer's Stones, so reduced Guardians unit

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    The Singing Blade Dream Thief's Avatar
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    70 (x3)

    I'm worried your squad of guardians isn't going to do much. for 126 points you have a unit much slower than the rest of your army, with one low BS heavy weapon.

    The low BS on the war-walkers means you're missing half the time with them as well, so I'm never over-enthusiastic about taking BL's on them. The amount of shots you get with scater lasers means you get a lot of hits that can deal with both infantry and light vehicles, for much cheaper.

    ~ L

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    Senior Member Talljester's Avatar
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    6 (x1)

    240 points each for a war walker, thats alot, i'd give them scatter lasers, drop the vypers, and get some outflanking scorpions, then get a bright lance on howling banshees waveserpent, and you have plenty of tankhunting, plus drop fast shot from your exarch, crack shot is better with a tempest launcher, ingnores cover saves and allows you to re roll to wound, which makes quite alot of difference when your shooting against MEQ's and infantry squads, becasue you ignore their cover their going to drop like flies, i pulled it on my local chaos player, he had 10 noise marines with blasters in the cover, i got a direct and killed 7 of them, then finished him with the other 3 guys in his squad, but i don't use reapers very often, as i had to proxy models and also because their so slow in such a fast army.
    Anyway i tihnk if you got the scorpions, ire avengers and banshee's in their lines with a large firebsae back in your deployment, then thier gonna be pretty much boned. but if you know they have alot of tanks i would give your war walkers eml's, then come on and let your missiles say hello to their weak side armour, or if they've moved forward, their rear (:
    but it is quite a strong list, i like it and i think it will do very well.

    Death to the Alien!
    who likes cockroaches anyway.
    Ordos Xenos 4/0/3

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