2K game vs demons tomorrow - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2K game vs demons tomorrow


    2xFireknife El + TA + HWMT + HWTL
    = 204pts


    2x2 Deathrains + TA
    = 212pts

    6 Stealth + Team Leader: HWDC + Marker Drone
    = 215pts


    11 Fire Warriors + Shas Ui: BK + Devilfish: DP + FD
    = 220pts

    2x11 Fire Warriors + Shas Ui: BK
    = 250pts

    10 Kroot
    = 70pts

    Fast Attack

    2x6 Pathfinders + Devilfish: DP + FD
    = 334pts


    3xRailheads + BC + DP + MT
    = 495 pts

    TOTAL = 2000pts

    Ya, so this is my basic 'all-comers' list, and would like to know how you think this will fair against demons. I know my opponent likes to run 5 demons, and leans towards nurgle. The biggest problem I have when I face him is trying to take down that one demon who allows re-rolls on ward saves or feel no pain (can't remember which one) when you are withing 6''. Any advice on how to deal with it would be a big help. What I am finding, is basic pulse rifles have been doing the trick, so I am just going to drop 3 FoF on him and see how it goes.

    Oh, and the game is tomorrow, so no rush

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