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Thread: 1750, friendly

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    1750, friendly

    Hey hey.

    This is a future project of mine, but could be nice to hear your thoughts

    Hive Tyrant, devourer, deathspitter, +1 bs, wings, toxin sacs 169

    6 Warriors, +1str, 2x scything talons 150
    6 warriors, +1str, +1bs, +1ac, deathspitter, devourer, 240

    20 Hormagaunts 200
    2x25 spinegaunts 250
    1x25 Fleshgaunts 150
    2x3 rippers, spinefists , 1str 90

    3 Zoanthropes wasp blast, 165
    2 carnifex, venom canon, barbed strangler, bondex exoskeleton, +1bs, 336

    Is this something that could work in the long run, or are you pritty much needed to do a fex list with 4 - 6 of them running around?


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    To answer the final question first, no. You do not need 4-6 fexes running around in order to be successful, though it is very fun! The list could definately work, though a few tweaks might help. Split your large groups of gaunts into groups of 12 or so. It make more for the enemy to be distracted by, plus more groups to capture objectives.

    Also, the zoanthropes: I would suggest giving them synapse, taking out a group of warriors, and including an extra fex, maybe a close combat one. Then again, if you like warriors more, then your current setup is fine.

    Finally, and this is just my choice, I'd substitute your hormies for genestealers with Scuttlers. That, or include a broodlord! SO much fun! Your enemy will be so scared he won't know who to attack!

    Anyway, you list is a fairly nice start! Well done.
    Applaud, my friend, the Comedy is finished.

    Hive Fleet Charybdis (1-0-0) and Grey Brothers Space Wolf Chapter (3-1-2) [W-L-T]

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