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Thread: 1500 vs Nids.

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    1500 vs Nids.

    I've been throwing lists around, but I think I want to use this against my tyranid friend next time we play. I'm hoping to just choke him with powerklaws.

    HQ (85)
    warboss, huge choppa, kombi skorcha, heavy armor, cybork
    Troops (150)
    'ard boy sluggas x11
    klaw nob w/bosspole
    Dedicated Transport (40)
    trukk w/ reinforced ram + big shoota

    Troops (270)
    Meganobz w/ Kombi Skorcha x6
    Dedicated Transport (45)
    trukk w/ reinforced ram, red paint job + big shoota

    Troops (170)
    ork shoota boyz x20 w/ big shoota x2
    klaw nob w/heavy armor
    Heavy Support (115)
    Battlewagon, Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram, Kannon, Big Shoota

    Fast Attack (225)
    stormboyz x15
    klaw nob w/heavy armor + bosspole

    Fast Attack (40)
    Warbuggy w/ Skorcha

    Heavy Support (90)
    Killa kanz x2 w/grotzookas

    Heavy Support or Troops (95)
    Deff dread w/3dccw + big shoota

    Troops (67)
    gretchin x19
    runtherd w/ grabba stikk
    HQ (106)
    Big Mek w/ Shokk Attack Gun, heavy armor, bosspole, ammo runt x2

    1498 points

    He usually plays with a winged dakka tyrant, one 2+ fex loaded out for either close combat or pie plates, a venom cannon fex, sometimes a smaller CC fex, bunches of gaunts, a brood of deathspitter warriors and a brood of close combat warriors. He also mixes in raveners, hormagaunts, genestealers, and sometimes a broodlord.

    I'm planning on sending my trukkboyz and my battlewagon shootaboyz to take care of the carnifexes, my stormboyz to take down his hive tyrant, and blast away at the little bugs with grotzookas, skorchas and shoota fire on the way in. The meganobz are going to be going after warriors, zoanthropes, genestealers, basically anything without monstrous creature attacks.

    Is my shokk attack gun better used on big bugs or little bugs? What should my deff dread do? and How should I deploy?

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    Just a few notes about your list, but chalk it up to personal preference for me. A) I've never been a big fan of the 'uge choppa for bosses. They only reason not to take a power klaw is to take advantage of I5 on the charge and so you should just stick with the slugga and choppa for the extra attacks. Attack squigs don't hurt either. Meganobz need an IC with bosspole. keeping them cheap is a good idea too, just have one or two with kombis. C) the SAG should be taken with either lootas or big gunz to run with.

    For your concerns: the SAG is great against both, as a AP 2 pieplate is a rarity in ork armies. If the fex is out in the open pop it with the SAG to negate that armor, if you see a mass of bugs, pop um to take down the numbers. You've got range with the SAG, use it to your advantage. And as for the dread, I always like using my dreads as close combat support for the kans, just runn it behind the kans for an obscurement save.

    All in all, looks nice an stompy. You know what they say, the bigger they are the funner they are to squish.

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    Klaw or nothing

    The list looks pretty good. Warbosses need powerklaws though, or they just aren't worth it. They simply can't inflict enough kills to be worthwhile, otherwise. Give him a powerklaw and stick him with one of the units of slugga boyz.

    I personally like grot riggers and deffrollas on battlewagons, and never use more than one gun, but use what you like.

    Otherwise everything looks good. Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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