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    Need Help adding to Army List

    Hey all, I'm trying figure out what I need to add my current Tyranid inventory to make a decent and fun Tyranid Army, for friendly play.

    Here's what I've got:

    1 3rd edition Tyrant
    1 Carnifex
    3 warriors
    16 genestealers
    18 hormagaunts
    28 termagaunts
    xx rippers

    Looking to acquire some Zoanthropes. And possible a Lictor or 2, for transport popping, or rear line havoc.

    I'd like to have a balanced Tyranid Army, if thats even possible. With the Tyrant moving up toward the front ranks. I'd like a decent amount of horde type models, supported by shooty Warriors and the 1 Carnifex. Maybe adding a CC Fex, for nightmare close combat.

    I'm guessing my point value would be at least 1500, but would like to be able to play at 2000.

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    You have very little synapse. Zoans would definitely help in that department, and they're great against MEQ's also. You may want to consider wings on your tyrant, or if not, then get some guards for him. If you get guards, put some gaunts in front of it and your Tyrant will get the cover save also.

    Also another Carnifex wouldn't hurt.

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