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    Tau 1500 point list 1st try

    Hey i been playing a bit of tau for about 3-4 weeks now not making any proper lists just trying out with what i got but now i want to try make a real list now im not sure if this list is 100% legal but i have my dex with me and tryed my best (tau codex is alot more confusing that the chaos one that im used to with many upgrades) but here it is please comment wise people of LO

    Tau Army list 1500 points


    shas'o 142
    (multi tracker, plasma rifle, missile pod, 2 sheild drones)

    ive seen alot of anti shas'o but im new to tau and cant keep him out of cc all the time and i do like the extra stats and so i can use multitracker with the free hardpoint saved from geting the bs upgrade with shas'el


    3 crisis suit 156
    (missile pod, plasma rifle, multi tracker)

    i havent used these before so ive just made up a setout that i like the look of


    16 Kroot 112

    ive only got 16 kroot i like them beacuse there so cheap and there firepower is decent i just use them as a pillbox

    10 fire warriors 115
    (shas'ui, hardwired target lock)

    10 fire warriors 115
    (shas'ui, hardwired target lock)

    10 fire warriors 115
    (shas'ui, hardwired target lock)


    8 pathfinders 126
    devilfish 95
    (3 rail rifles, devilfish,fleshette discharger, disruption pods)

    imma have 3 railrifles soon so i though id give them a go the devilfish will be next to the pathfinders and then some firewarriors will embark.


    2 Broadsides 175
    (a.s.s, 1 shield drone)

    2 broadsides 175
    (a.s.s, 1 shield drone)

    I do love broad-sides i dunno if i need this many i will have 6 of them when i get my army from ebay i dunno if there that good but i have been realy lucky with them

    Hammerhead 155
    (multi tracker,disuption pod)

    the cover-save has been great from what ive played so far


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