This army features an XV84 battlesuit which incorporates a markerlight and target lock per forgeworld rules. The second shasel and things in (parenthesis) are alternate choices incase my opponenet is against the forgeworld variant.

I also know that no one takes carbines, but this is a friendly list!!

XV84 Battlesuit
Twin-Linked Missile Pods, Markerlight
Targeting Array, HW Multi Tracker, HW Target Lock, HW Blacksun Filter

Twin-Linked Missile Pods, Flamer
HW Target Lock, HW Multi Tracker, HW Blacksun Filter,

12 Fire Warriors, Pulse Rifles
Shasui, Bonding Knife (Markerlight, HW Target Lock)
138 Points

10 Fire Warriors, 8 Pulse Rifles, 2 Pulse Carbines
Shasui, Bonding Knife

8 Fire Warriors, Pulse Carbines, Photon Grenades
Shasui, Bonding Knife

8 Pathfinders
Shasui, Bonding Knife, HW Target Lock
Devilfish, Targeting Array, 2 Seeker Missiles

(x3) Broadside Battle Suit Team Leader
Twin-Linked Railguns and Smart Missile System
Advanced Stabilization System, HW Multi Tracker, HW Blacksun Filter
HW Drone Controller, Shield Drone