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    2k footsloggers, no KFF!

    Meh Meks 'r werkin on da big gunz and koptas rather tha' somefin to bodder protektin' da boyz. 'Sides dats wot da runty little grots 'r for! Hur hur hur.

    So here's my list with a brief explination at the end as to some reasoning.

    Warboss - 115
    Cybork Body
    Power Klaw
    Attack Squig
    'Eavy Armor

    Big Mek - 103
    Boss Pole
    Ammo runt

    Burnas x15 - 225
    3 Meks with KMB
    (Boss goes here)

    Lootas x 15 - 225
    (big mek goes here)

    Shoota Boys x30 - 235
    Big Shoota x3
    Boss Pole
    Power Klaw

    Shoota Boys x20 - 170
    Big Shoota x2
    Boss Pole
    Power Klaw

    Slugga Boys x30 - 220
    Boss Pole
    Power Klaw

    Nobs x5 - 240
    Power Klaw x2
    Big Choppa x2
    Waagh Banner
    Boss Pole
    Pain boy

    Grots x18 - 64

    Grots x18 - 64

    Fast Attack
    Deff Kopta x1 45
    T/L Rokkit Launcha

    Deff Kopta x1 45
    T/L Rokkit Launcha

    Deff Kopta x5 - 250
    T/L Rokkit Launcha
    Buzz Saw

    And that's it!

    I should have a decently long lasting gretchin screen to get me to my target so the lack of KFF shouldn't be that big of a deal as well as something to sit on an objective if they by some miracle survive to get there.

    My ideas with the Deff koptas are to have the 2 in individual squads start out on the board with the group of 5 outflanking. I'll keep the 2 that start on the board out of small arms fire until the majority of my army is within range (turn 2-3 depending on run rolls) then I'll make them into a target by gunning for their armor so hopefully they'll have to waste a decent ammount of shots while I still have a good majority of my army running into their faces, and if ignored I'll be happy to take out some rear armor. The outflanking unit will either take out a tank or support a bogged down unit of boys and with hit and run they can stay in combat as long as I want them to or jump ship early if I so choose.

    So far I've found people more focussed on getting rid of the larger squads headed toward them and the deceptively small nobs squad going relatively untouched until they land on someone's face. And with my warboss in another squad I'm trying to fill their view with too many high value targets to effectively deal with any one in particular before the majority of bad things reach their lines.

    I like the burnas because they add a little extra versaitility and who doesn't love 45 power weapon attacks on the charge?

    OH and the idea of the squad of 20 shootas is for them to hang back at a home objective and cover the lootas as I've had people really gunning for my one squad with outflankers and deep strikers.

    It's a little more complex in my head but this is all I can get out tonight.

    Thanks in advance for any and all comments!

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    The overall list design is fine, but there are some basic problems with the list that will keep them from being effective.

    1. Never use only 1 deffkopta. It's basically a free kill point for the enemy. At the very least you should use 2, so you're more certain to get a hit, but I personally never use any less than 5, and I never give them any other upgrades.

    2. Don't use big choppas. They're worthless. Instead, those nobz really need cybork bodies. Also...

    3. The nobz and burnas need transports. Neither will be effective at all without them, as they have virtually no chance of getting anywhere near the enemy before they're blown away. If you aren't going to use looted wagons, trukks or battlewagons with these guys, then you shouldn't use them at all.

    4. Don't field one big unit of 15 lootas. Instead, use 2 units of 9, using meks with big shootas to bring the model count up, if you don't have enough lootas. This spreads them out, allows them to cover more of the board, and makes it more difficult for your opponent to deal with them.

    5. The SAG should go with a unit of grots, not the lootas. If he's with the lootas, then the lootas will have to shoot at the same thing he does, which isn't always practical. Also, having the SAG and lootas in the same unit all but guarantees that your opponent will exclusively focus upon them until they're dead.

    6. If you wind up not using the nobz, then I'd definitely use a warp 'ead or Old Zogwort, rather than the warboss. Either would add a lot more to the list then the warboss would.

    Other than that, the list looks fine overall. Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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