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    1500pt Balanced (My 1st Eldar List/Game)

    Hi, recently got into building an Eldar army after getting bored of Necrons and basically shelving them until the get their much needed new codex. I've wanted to do an Eldar Ulthwe force for a while now so thought this was an ideal time.
    Anyway, below is my first attempt at a 1500pt force which I'd appreciate if you could look over and advise on any changes I should make.

    Farseer - Runes of Witnessing - Doom = 90pts

    10 Storm Guardians + Warlock(upgraded to Spiritseer) with Enhance = 126pts

    10 Guardians with Shuriken Cannon + Warlock with Singing Spear and Embolden = 118pts

    10 Dire Avengers + Exarch with 2 Shuriken Catapults and Bladestorm = 152pts

    5 Rangers upgraded to Pathfinders = 120pts

    4 Jetbikes = 88pts

    5 Wraithguard + Wave Serpent with T/L Star Cannons & Shuriken Cannon + Warlock = 335pts

    2 Vypers with Bright Lances = 150pts

    Wraithlord with Wraithsword and Bright Lance = 140pts

    3 War Walkers with a mix of 2 Star Cannons 2 Scatter Lasers and 2 Shuriken Cannons = 180pts

    TOTAL = 1499pts


    I was thinking of maybe having the Wraithlord and Storm Guardians on the right flank advancing as quick as possible to get into the CC action. I'd try to keep them close together so that the Wraithlord can make use of the Guardians' Spiritseer. I put them to the right flank to try to reduce the amount of ranged fire that can reach them whilst they advance.

    Just inside the right flank I'd have the Dire Avengers who could maybe also help the right flank advance with their ranged fire. The Farseer would be in with these Avengers. The plan I'd like to try with these guys is to wait until either the turn before or the current turn to unleash a massive volley at any enemy CC unit that is around the area of the right flank using Bladestorm and a Doom combination. Hopefully this will devastate the enemy unit allowing the CC right flank to either continue to advance or engage another unit (hopefully a ranged unit).

    I'm thinking the left flank could consist of the Jetbikes and War Walkers with the Walkers advancing ahead ripping up the enemy from range whilst the Jetbikes wait to capture a point if that's the game being played. Again I put these units on a flank to reduce the amount of ranged shots against them.

    Just inside the left flank I was thinking of having the Wraithguards and Warlock in the Wave Serpent sprinting off ahead to the mid-left of the table and getting themselves into cover early where they can open up with their great weapons on the advancing enemy whilst absorbing enemy fire which would be kept off the War Walkers advancing behind them. The Wave Serpent could either stick around once the Wraithguard have disembarked to supply extra firepower or move off to ferry other units around the battlefield.

    The only thing that would be left then for the centre of the line would be the Guardians who could advance to any cover they can then read-and-react to the game as it goes along.
    I would also try to infiltrate the Rangers into good cover somewhere in the centre of the battlefield so that they can reach a lot of the table with their rifles so that they can help the army advance by trying to keep any troublesome enemy units pinned.

    The Vypers would basically have a free roaming role looking for tanks to pop with their Bright Lances.

    Any good?

    Also a quick question if I may........I take it that Vypers are a squadron and therefore have to use a 4" coherency instead of 2" but what are Jetbikes classed as? Do I have to use 2" or 4" for them? Also War Walkers..I assume they are 4" also?


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    1. Do not mix war walker load outs. Scatter lasers on all will be the best option, its better range than shuri cannons and more shots than both a starcannon and a shuri cannon.

    2. If you are taking one psychic power, runes of witnessing is sort of a waste, the odds of you failing a leadership test with a 1 psychic power farseer in a 5 turn game are not substantial enough to waste 10 points. (just my opinion, I play on the dangerous side)

    3. Storm guardians need flamers! (or fusion guns for anti-tank)

    4. Give your wraithguard warlock a singing spear. Or (as I've said in other threads) don't take wraithguard, they are a huge points sink. Your preference though.

    5. 4 jetbikes is a bad number, one casualty means a ld test, take 6 and give em two cannons. If you just cannot find the points, take 5 with one cannon.

    6. About vypers: I dont like em, their av 10 open topped statline almost begs your enemy to bolter em down. If you do take him, dont take brightlances on them. Best to put your big guns on something with bs 4, or alternatively on a waveserpent (twin-linked).

    The Hand that guides.

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