Okay, I'm signed up for a tourney and here's my random 1500 point list using my force generator located at: Cossack's Random Force Generator

Warphead (leader)
Big Mek with KFF

2 Koptas with rokkits
5 warbikes, nob with PK
Nobz mob - all decked out with klaws and painboy and stuff....and ON FOOT. (Holy crap!)
20 Shoota boyz
30 Slugga boyz
Deff Dread
6 Lootas
3 Meganobz.

Let me say that I would never create this list on my own. The only thing I can think of doing is use the KFF to cover the sluggas, nobz and MANZ (maybe dread too?) and march forward, with warbikes on the flank and koptas coming in from reserve. The shootas do their thing supported by the Lootas and I hope the Warphead does something fun.

Maybe this list isn't so bad after all?