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    Tyranids Revisited

    Hey all,

    So I haven't played Tyranids since 2nd & beginning of 3rd edition as they were my main army but then sold them. I've picked up Eldar as my main now, SM 2nd and now want to rebuild some nids more so to collect and paint rather than being hardcore competitive. I would like to make them dominantly CC oriented with minimal shooting. However, I would like to field them once in awhile as a curveball vs my main opponents and would like to know how effective this list would be since I have no experience with the current edition:

    Tyrant - ScyTals, VC or bonesword/lash whip
    6 Warriors - ScyTals x6, Rending Claws x6 (question with these below too)
    1 Lictor
    16 Hormagaunts
    16 Spinegaunts
    22 Genestealers - Scuttlers
    2 Carnifexes - ScyTals x3, Crushing Claws x1

    Comes to around 1250 with various biomorphs which will be added later when I get the codex. Would it be any threat at all or just might as well keep them benched?

    Regarding the rending claws for the warriors, do they have respectable sized claws for the warriors on the sprues now or are they still just the oversized ones off the monstrous creature arm sprue? Also will I have enough pairs for all 6 warriors if I get 2 battleforces and the tyrant box? I'm not sure what options come in each.

    Thanks for your time and help!

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    If you want to keep CC orientated with minimal ranged weapons then go with double scything talons on your hive tyrant + wings and warp field. he will become costly but its a model to be feared too.
    Put the 6 warriors in two broods of 3. And take leaping for that 12" charge. If you want to have rending claws you might as well take toxin sacs too so you can get glancing hits on AV 14.
    Hormmagaunts are too costy to by effective imo... You need gaunts for something?
    More genestealers maby even a broodlord?
    Oh and its good to have that +1 save biomorph on genestealers so you dont get shot down by AP 5 weapons like bolters.

    A cheap and good carnifex is double twin-linked devourers and enhanced senses. thats 113 points that gives you 8 shots with str 6 and you can reroll failed rolls to hit and to wound. And its a carnifex still so he can run through tanks if one comes too close. This is just cheaper and i think better than a CC carnifex. Though now with the 5th Ed you can run even with a carnifex so they will get faster to CC but still i like to shoot something before i tear their eyes out.

    To answer those sprue questions. Yes the rending claws are scaled down to fit warriors. Atleast i think they fit them.

    With one battleforce you get one carni, 3 warriors, 8 genestealers, 8 hormagaunts and 8 gaunts. And if you refered to the rending claws on the question then yes you have enough.

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