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    first time eldar 1500 hybrid

    hey guys,this is my first time trying eldar. I usally play Soace Wolves and Black templar. So i may need some help getting used to shooting. So what do you guys think. Sorry for the weird numbers of guys in squads. I was over by 24 so i removed a pathfinder. Thank you for the imput.
    Farseer : Fortune, guide : 105 (stick with the war walkers and guide and fortune them)
    Farseer : Doom, fotune, spears : 113 (Goes with the fire dragons)
    Fire dragons : X7, wave serpent, shuriken cannon, spirit stone : 222
    Dire anvengers : X10,Exarch, shimmer shield, stormblade, Wave serpent, shuriken cannon, spirit stones : 272 (i know that the dual catapult would be better but i love the look of the shield and spear)
    Guardian jetbikes : X6, X2 shuriken cannon, Walock, destructor, spear : 210
    Rangers : X7, pathfinders : 168
    War walker : X2 scatter laser all of them : 180
    Fire prism : 115
    Fire prism : 115

    My dentist last name is khorne, no seriously, my dentist is khorne.

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    Hi, i too have recently started playing eldar and i think theres a few things you might be able to change. Firstly, your farseer that goes with the walkers, it doesnt have spirit stones, meaning that it can only cast one spell per turn. You may have wanted this in the first place, i just wanted to point it out. Secondly, I, playing Ulthwe, are obsessed with seers, but in this army, maybe an Autarch to lead the dragons might be better, know that he/she cant cast spells and stuff, but they can at least have a fusion gun, and with bs6, and another 7 dragons, im not sure if many things will need rerolls besides armor saves if theyre shot at. Your fire dragons look good, but the wave serpent could possibly use Star Engines. If you want to be able to shoot straight up the table and hide behind cover and deploy fire dragons with your next turn, these can do it with the extra 12" movement. Also, vectored engines are something you might want to think about aswell, if it is immobilised with the dragons inside it, then you will be giving your dragons a bit of problems when they are shot at afterwards. I myself also love Rangers, so i agree with your use of pathfinding them, the extra +2 save is the best. Dire Avengers look good, although they may encounter difficulties. Although he does look soo good with those weapons, they first have to get out of the vehicle and wait a turn before they can assault. This means that he is useless and can be shot down, but since you have soo many things moving at once, its not that big a worry. Jetbikes in my opinion are alright, but i prefer not to use them, looking at those 210 spent on 6 jetbikes and a warlock makes me think what else it could be usede on, you could buy Fuegan to go with the dragons for that much or get dark reapers or sumthing. Walkers look good, my only concern is that your army is very anti infantry, like your fighting against nids or sumtihng. If you were to verse space marines, do u think that scatter lasers are going to get rid of their marines? Prism could use some upgrades, like vectored engines incase its shot down, holofields are very good, in combination with vectored, incase you do crash you instead land.

    This army is good but with the introduction of the new space marine codex, it seems like many people are choosing to run at least half their army in drop pods. This wouldnt be too good if they could come in behind you with terminators and such and shoot down all your vehicles.

    Duke Bureac
    Last edited by Duke Bureac; May 26th, 2009 at 10:38. Reason: didnt see the 2nd prism lol :)

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