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    1000 pts Balanced army, Second time , casual

    broodlord - 83
    feeder tendrils
    Extended Carapace

    genestealers X 8 - 192
    Scything Talons
    Extended Carapace

    (( Took extended Carapace for anti-bolter like weapons when getting close ))

    Termagauns x16 - 144

    Spinegaunts x 16 - 128

    Warriors x 6 - 156
    scything talons

    Carnifex ( close combat fex ) - 167
    Scything talons x 2
    Bonded Exoskeleton
    Reinforced chitin
    extended carapace
    adrenal glands (+ I )

    Dakka fex - 133
    Enhanced sensors
    bonded exoskeleton
    twin-linked Devourer x 2


    (( Second attempt of a army list, tryign to use what two battleforces + broodlord will get me, any advice would be greatly appricated , Battle plan would be having broodlord infiltrate and get into importan enemy units ( leaders), Carnifexs move towards troops and tanks, guants go for objectives , warriors stay with guants )

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    if your planning on infiltrating the broodlord and hunting down important units, may i suggest dropping them down to 6 and giving them implant attack and acid maw? 8 in a unit with the broodlord is a LOT of overkill!
    with this setup, you can hunt down daemon princes, termies, tanks, even biker nobz! charge in with 24 attacks, rerolls to hit AND wound! i won’t suggest using toxin sacs with this build, as believe it or not, you actually WANT failed wounds! why? to get more rerolls, and get more rending! and each wound is multiplied in to 2 for multi wounded models. so that bloodthirster now has 2 wound instead of 4!

    other than that, the list seems quite solid! take the warriors as a 2nd hq, so you can deploy them straight up with dawn of war deployment and still infiltrate the broodlord
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