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    My 2000 point list (need advice)

    hi i've put together a 2000 point list as a challenge all comers list so ive made it pretty genral to combat most army lists


    1 hive tyrant 123 points+153 =276
    + 2 scything tactics
    +toxic miasma
    +implant attack
    +adrenal glands

    Physicis powers
    -the shadow in the warp

    the tyrant has a retinue of 3 tyrant guard the guard have implant attacks and lash wips

    1 brood lord 93points
    + feeder tendrils
    +extended carapace
    +toxin sacs

    2 broods of warriors 202 points
    +enhanced senses
    +toxin sacs
    +barbed strangler/deathspitter X2

    2 lictors 160 points

    4 broods of 6 genestealers 576 points
    +feeder tendrils
    +scything talons
    +toxin sacs

    2 broods of 10 hormagaunts 280 points
    +toxin sacs
    +adrenal glands +1WS
    +extended carapaces

    Heavy support
    1 brood of 3 biovores 150 points
    + frag toxin spores

    1 bood of 3 zoanthropes 180 points
    one has the horror and psychic scream +15
    other 2 have warp blast and phychic scream +30

    1 carnifex +143
    +enhanced senses
    +reinforced chitin
    +barbed strangler
    +twin linked deathspitter

    Total points 2060 ( need a way to get rid of 60 points)

    ill give you the run down on my troops ideas

    the tyrant is the tank and hero killer the lash wips mean most heroes will only have 1 attack like the avatar 4 normal with 3 lash wips only 1 and shadow in the warp just to annoy phsycers

    broodlord can help the stealers inflict big damage on massive squads

    elites are my first effective ranged troop with strong area of effect weapons the troop killers they also provide synapse

    lictors scare enemy troops out of cover and help me get my reserves in early

    genestealers are my main bulk i seperated 2 sqauds of ten to give the enemy more to shoot at the pshic tactic also 4 squads capale of killing ten men is better than 2 units killing ten men

    2 broods of ten hormagaunts will disrupt the front enemy lines drawing fire from the main units and making some big damage with there 12 inch leaps

    my heavy support proves my strongest point giving me a great ranged advantage with biovores which dont require line of sight and i can fire 9 spore mines a turn

    3 zoanthropes provide support for my tyrant making him harder to target with the -3 leadership and the horror making my units hard to charge

    1 great ranged fex with barbed strangler and deathspitter can help rid me of the enemys flanks allowing my stealers to charge the juicy innards like eldar sniper teams

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    ditch the hormagaunts and get normal gaunts, that should get rid of ur 60 pts and still give you your screen, also you can get more of them (id recomend putting them in squads of 15)

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    Yeah, as stated above, get rid of the horrigaunts and just make em spinefisting gaunts.
    Also, you're using a CC tyrant, which usualy works out better as a Flyrant. Consider turning him into a Dakkarant if you want to use the guards, you throw them into cover while the tyrant unloads wide out in the open getting a coversave.

    biovores are also very meh, unless you're going against a horde army.
    Consider dropping those for another 'fex

    Lictors are also pretty brokededed till something happens to get them to ignore the misshap table...
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