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    2000pt Army List

    This hasn't lost me a game (then again i mostly play marines).

    Lord (Dbody, Wscythe, Pshifter)

    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors

    10 Immortals

    Fast Attack
    5 Destroyers

    Heavy Support
    3 Tomb Spyders

    Generally I split my split my army into a central phalanx of the warriors, immortals, monoliths and tomb spyders. The Nightbringer starts as close to the enemy as possible and just moves towards them looking scary until he gets into combat, then he kills most things. The Destroyers advance down one flank blasting at the enemy and the destroyer lord zooms around looking for good targets like basalisks, transports, battle wagons, russes etc... What do you think? Bear in mind this has got me 7 of my 15 wins and none of my losses.

    Ye Old Necrons (R.I.P.) (7000pts) W52 D5 L9
    New Crons!!! (5000pts) W1 D1 L1
    Blood Angels (2500pts) W4 D0 L1

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    You have no Res Orb and I see that to be a fatal flaw as those Warriors are just waiting to be cut-up with Power Weapons or blasted with S8 weapons. Furthermore, your phase out is incredibly low for a 2000 point game.

    Personally, I think you should drop one Monolith for another squad of Warriors and another Destroyer allowing you to field 2 squads of 3. However, it's obviously working for you so who I am to criticize.
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