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    Starting Ork List, about 500 points

    Hello all, first post on LO
    Recently ordered AoBR and one box of boyz
    What is the best list I can get out of all these guys?

    Here is my plan so far:

    -TL shoota

    Nobs (5)
    -these dont come with anything! stupid AoBR

    30 boyz
    -nob, pk, bosspole
    -2 or 3 big shootas

    3 deffkoptas
    -rokkits, again no choice here, the models are made with rokkits atached!

    I'd have the warboss go with the nobs, and if its not a kill point match i'll have the 3 deffkoptas split up, since if i do not they will fail morale check early.

    Any suggestions?

    I was also considering using two 15 man squads, and taking one of the aobr nobs and converting a pk onto him. is 15 boys too small, even for a small point game?

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    I'm new too, but, I think you're *required* to take 2 troop slots, so you'll need to split your boys up or purchase more. Nobz == elite choice, not troops.
    In fact, it may not be a bad idea to purchase enough boys for 2 20 model units with 2 big shootas each. Not sure how to compensate to keep that under 500 pts if thats your goal.
    Wait, no, i'm obviously wrong. The warboss makes nobz = troops. Sorry.

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    Nobz are only elite choices if you don't have a warboss. Since he has a warboss in the unit, he can take the nobz as a troop choice.

    However, I wouldn't. Nobz really don't work well without a transport. I'd just use them as normal boyz or kommandos until then.

    The box of Ork boyz actually has enough pieces to make 11 boyz, despite the box saying 10. So you'll actually have 31 normal boyz to use.

    Although I normally never use less than 20 boyz in each unit on foot, I can see you don't have much choice here. Optimally, I'd try and see if you can split another box of AoBR with a marine playing friend, as that would give you a lot more orks, and allow you to field a unit of 5 deffkoptas, which would be a lot more effective.

    Here's what I'd do (with what you have now):

    Warboss w/powerklaw [85]

    20 Slugga boyz w/nob, powerklaw, bosspole [160] (attach warboss here)

    10 Shoota boyz [60]

    5 Kommandos w/2 big shootas [60] (outflank)

    3 Deffkoptas w/rokkits [135] (outflank)

    Normally I give armor to the warboss, but in this case, the bosspole is more important. The shoota boy unit isn't ideal at the moment, but it can sit on an objective or stand in front of the rest of your boyz, to give them cover. If you don't want shootas, then slugga boyz can work too. March the sluggas up with the warboss, and let the outflankers deal with troublesome distant units.

    Good luck!
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    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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