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    1750 tournament list

    Hello everyone and thanks for reading this if you are. This is my first post on these boards but, like many people probably, i have been lurking for quite some time. I write this message because I, obviously, need some help with a 1750 point list i'm making for a upcomming tournament, which will be my first tournament. The opponents i'll be facing will mostly be space marines, as well as about 3 Guard players, 3 ork players, eldar, dark eldar, as well as a few other tyranid players. So here's the list:

    Tyrant: 145 points. Enhanced Senses (+1 bs), Toxin Sacs (+1 s), Venom Canon, Scything Talons.
    Tyrant Guard x2: 90 points. Lash whips.

    Broodlord: 83 points. Feeder Tendrils and Ext. Carp (+1 sv).
    Genestealer ret x7: 140 points. Ext. Carp (+1 sv).

    Warriors x3: 123 points. Ext. Carp (+1 sv), Adrenal Glands (+1 ws), Toxin sacs (+1 s), leaping, rending, scything talons.

    Warriors x3: 103 points. Enhnced Senses (+1 bs), Ext. Carp (+1 sv), Toxin sacs (+1 s). One warrior with TL'd deathspitter. Two warriors with TL'd devour's.

    Genestealers x 16 (two groups of 8 ): 240 points. Ext. Carp (+1 sv).

    Termagaunts x 24: 216 points.

    Hormagaunts x 28: 280 points.

    Zoanthrope x 3: 165. warp blast.

    Carnifex: 159 points. Enhanced Senses (+1 bs), Toxin Sacs (+1 S), Barbed Strangler, Venom Cannon.

    Point Total: 1744.

    I hope I wrote this out well enough so that you can understand it. What i can see as a flaw is a lack of enough gaunts or a lack of attack power or something like that. The second group of genestealers as well as the CC warriors i'm not to sure of. Also i'm sure i used to many biomorphs somewhere. Hopefully you all can lend me some help. Thanks for reading.

    Last edited by ecto24; June 2nd, 2009 at 19:31. Reason: left a biomorph out.

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    Ok, hers some feedback.

    Whats the plan for your tyrant? I dont find mixing melee morphs and weapon morphs a good idea, especially for a slowish walking tyrant. Imo wings are your friend.

    On the broodlord i prefer to put toxin sacs and flesh hooks on it.Ts so i can would t4 modells on 2+ and flesh hooks is obvious.

    Never fielded leaping cc warriors so I cant really comment on them, but they will move up along with the hormogaunts and provide synapse. Cover is your friend.

    I find FT on stealers to be a must...

    The hormogaunts themselves I'm not a too big a fan of. Think they need a couple upgrades but then again then they are nearly the same point cost as stealers ..

    Drop the TS on the carnifex, I cant see a single use for it. Also I prefer fielding them in pairs.

    Hope this helped a bit.

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