Shas'el PR, MP, TA, HWMT, WASS (Worthless awesome scary sword...0pts) - 97 pts


2x Shas'ui 'Crisis' Suits - TLMP, TA -106 pts+ 2x WASS

2x Shas'ui 'Crisis' Suits - TL Flamer, DC -3 gun-drones-92pts + WACS (Worthless Awesome circular saw) AND WASC (Worthless Awesome shiny club)

3x Stealth suit - 2x DC -2 ML drones - 1x BSF -153pts


8x FWS
-Devilfish - DP, MT -170 pts

8x FWs - 80pts

11x Kroot -77 pts


4x Gun-Drones -48 pts

4x Gun-Drones -48 pts

Heavy Support

1x Ion head, DP, MT- 125pts

total: 996

1. Only player around me is marines...so thats what this is meant to kill

2. This guy is having a few weeks of fawning over Pedro as he LOVES to put a pie plate on my poor HH the first turn (he has not yet failed to kill it)

3. He plays almost no armor. He uses at max 2 dreads and a rhino...rest is infantry..(though he is going to portland so he may bust out more shinies...if he does out goes a gundrone unit...in comes the rail head.)