Competetive 1500pt Nid Splinter Fleet - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Competetive 1500pt Nid Splinter Fleet

    Hi guys first attempt of a new nid army
    please comment

    HQ Broodlord
    Retinue of 6 genestealers 166

    Elite Lictor 80

    Elite Warrior Brood
    3 warriors all with scything talons, rending claws, extended carapace,adrenal glands (both), and tozin sacs 105

    Elite Warrior Brood
    3 warriors all with extended carapace, enhanced senses amd
    toxin sacs 1xvenom cannon and 2x devourer 114

    Troops Termagaunt Brood
    16 gaunts with fleshborers 96

    Troops Hormagaunt Brood
    16 hormagaunts 160

    Troops Ripper Swarm
    3 ripper bases 30

    Troops Genestealer brood
    8 genestealers 128

    Troops Spinegaunt brood
    16 spinegaunts 80

    Fast Ravener Brood
    2 raveners with pairs of scything claws 76

    Heavy Zoanthrope Brood
    2 zoanthropes both with synapse creature and warp blast 130

    Heavy Carnifex (cheapfex)
    reinforced chitin, 2 pairs of scything claws and tusked 131

    Heavy Carnifex (Super Screamer Killer)
    bonded exoskeleton, extended carapace, reinforced chitin, tusked, toxin sacs, toxic miasma, bio plasma, adrenal glands (both) and 2 pairs of scything claws

    Total = 1499pts

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    This isnt a bad list but i think your bio-morphs could do with altering a bit.

    Im not sure if you gave your broodlord feeder tendrils, but for so few points re-rolls for the whole squad is brilliant. Id also give him S6, just for the boost against marines and higher toughness foes. Id also give the stealers carapace at least, and possibly tallons if you can find the points.

    Id give the combat warriors leaping, and possibly try to find some more if you can. maybe drop some upgrades if your a bit short on points

    what are the other weapons on the shooty warriors, are they 2 sets of devourers or what?

    hormagaunts arnt very good basic, however give them toxin sacs and one of the adrenal glands and they start to shine as an unexpected assault unit.

    3 rippers are just easy kill points

    stealers need tendrils at least

    raveners are just easy kill points in small numbers and will die fast

    Lastly id drop the bonded exo-skelleton from te fex, its not worth in my opinion and lose miasma and bio-plasma. as theyre just points you could spend elsewhere.

    Hope that helped

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