Hey guys i've just started Tyranids hopeing to play my first game in the next few days. Any advice on the army will be very apprecitated.

Hive Tyrant-Wings-Warp Field-2 TL Devourers- Enhanced Senses-Toxin Sacs-196

Hive Tyrants-2 TL Devourers-Enhanced Senses-Toxin Sacs-The Shadow In The Warp-131
2 Tyrant Guard-Lash Whips-90

6 Genestealers-Feeder Tendrills-Scuttlers-120

6 Genestealers-Feeder Tendrills-Scuttlers-120

12 Gaunts-Fleshborer-Without Number-108

10 Gaunts-Spinefists-Without Number-84

Carnifex-Enhanced Senses-Venom Cannon-Barbed Strangler-Flesh Hooks-149


All Comments And Criticisms Welcome Thank You.