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    1500 Point Ork List- Friendly Games

    This is a list I've been using with decent success in friendly games at home/ game store. I know that the 4 weapons on the BW isn't optimal (though on the plus side it makes it a real b**^% to kill with glancing hits)- but that is how I modeled it. Everything else I think is solid, but I would like to see what ya'll think I could do to trim the list up a bit. Thanks!

    Gorbash Grimjaw's Horde (1500 Pts)

    Warboss Gorbash Grimjaw - 120 Pts
    'Eavy Armor, Cybork Body, Attack Squig, Bosspole, PK, Kombi-Skorcha

    Big Mek No-Wotz - 85 pts
    Kustom Forcefield, Choppa

    11 Kommandoz - 150 pts
    Nob Upgrade, Bosspole, PK

    8 Lootaz - 120

    19 'Ard Boyz - 235

    Sluggaz n Choppaz, 1 Big Shoota, Nob Upgrade, PK

    28 Shoota Boyz - 233
    Nob upgrade, PK, Bosspole, 2 Rokkit Launchaz

    19 Grotz + 2 Runt 'Erdz - 77 Pts

    20 Grotz + 2 Runt 'Erdz - 80 Pts

    3 Warbuggies w/ TL Rokkit Launchaz - 105

    Trukk-o-Soruss (Battle Wagon) - 170 pts
    3 Big Shootaz, Kannon, Armour Plates, Deff Rolla, Grot Rigger, Red Paint Job, Stikk Bomb Chukkaz, Wreckin' Ball

    Looted Wagon - 125 Pts
    Boomgun, 2 Rokkit Launchaz

    The basic strat I use is to have the grotz, mek, lootaz, and looted wagon hang back and hold my backfield. The 'ard boyz mount up in the BW w/ the warboss leading them, and roll across the battlefield with the buggies. Depending on the game and terrain, my shoota boyz either hold a position, foot slog it, or are held in reserve and come in to back up the grotz after the other army has been softened up a bit. Thanks again for any help!

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    I would add some burnas to the komandos and bosspole to the ardboyz. The burnas are a power weapon in cc and good sneak template. The ardboys should attract a lot of attention so the bosspole is a must. Remember that the codex says a bosspole can be anything that instills fear or respect from the boys, it does not have to be an actual pole.

    In a side note does your warboss have half a ard jaw? could we maybe see a picture?

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