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    Balanced List v2 - 1700 Tournament

    Ok, I am presenting you v2.0 of my 1700 pts tournament army. The link to my first version is here (check the last version).

    My first list had a little bit of everything: outflankers, infiltrator, gaunts, fexes (both cc and shooty) and a cc flyrant. After a lot of polishing I came up with this list. I feel this is a great all comer list as it is a blend between a nidzilla, psychic choir and outflanker list (basically a multiple threats army).

    Feel free to leave comments or your impression on this list. I will try to post my experiences as I play some games with it.

    1 Devilrant: Enhanced Senses (+BS), Toxin Sacs (+S), Winged, 2x Twin-linked Devourers, Psychic Scream 167
    1 BoomTyrant: Toxin Sacs (+S), Barbed Strangler, Lash Whip & Bonesword, Warp Blast 142

    1 Lictor

    8 Genestealer: Feeder Tendrils, Extended Carapace 168
    6 Genestealer: Feeder Tendrils 102
    9 Genestealer: Feeder Tendrils, Scuttlers 180
    9 Genestealer: Feeder Tendrils, Scuttlers 180
    15 Gaunts: Fleshborer 90
    8 Gaunts: Spinefists, Without Number 64

    2x Zoanthropes: Psychic Scream, Warp Blst 130
    1 Zoanthrope: Synapse Creature, Warp Blast 65

    1 Sniperfex: Enhanced Senses (+BS), Reinforced Chitin (+1W), Barbed Strangler, Venom Canon 163

    1 Über Venomfex: Adrenal Glands (+I, +WS), Enhanced Senses (+BS), Flesh Hooks, Reinforced Chitin (+1W), Toxic Miasma, Scything Talons, Venom Canon 170


    Here's some general battle plans I like to use. I am putting them up so you can have an idea of what are the roles of my units.

    My usual strategy would be to create 2 assault groups and a goal keeper group.

    1. The first assault group is compromised of outflankers, flyrant, lictor and possibly any other reserve unit. Its function is to harass the flank and rear of my opponent. Outflankers and reserve unit forces my opponent to be worried about table edges. Reserve unit are often used when deploying in table quarters (they can come out anywhere on your long table edge, not limited by your deployment zone). The lictor is mainly used as either an edge against some unit already in CC or as one shot deal against a hidden vehicle. More often than not however my lictor (other than provide reserve re-rolls) deploys, maybe kills something and hides all game (possibly contesting an objective).

    2. The second assault group makes a frontal assault. I usually use the 8 stealers with carapace with a gaunt screen followed closely by the nidzilla group: walking hive tyrant, 2 fexes and 2 psychic scream zoans. The nidzilla group is the main anti-armor shooting component of my army as well as possibly one of the most resilient group I have (good shooting, good defense, good cc and also add the psychic scream/feeder tendrils components). Most opponent will be focusing shooting attacks at this group (elite CC squads will think twice before assaulting this group).

    3. Lastly my goal keaper group is there to protect one flank/rear and sit on a rear objective. It is composed of 1 synapse zoan (possible pot shot), gaunts and 6 stealers (does not need synapse to capture objective).

    Now if my opponent is entrench in his position (shooty marines, eldars), I can quite possibly shoot him to hell with assault group 2 and go in CC with assault 1. If I am playing an objective mission, I will be controlling most the terrain (and limiting his movement even more) by spreading my units a little.

    If my opponent is assaulting my position (orks, CC marines), I have the leisure of either sitting back and enjoying some shooting or going blindly into CC with assault group 2. Assault group 1 will mostly be trying to control objectives, picking up lone squads and giving me an edge in combat.


    I also have an alternative strategy against deepstrikers (drop pod marines, deamons). Instead of deploying my army, I run everything in outflanks (2x stealers), deepstriking (flyrant, lictor) and reserve (the rest). Against an unprepared oponent, he will give me the first turn: this is a tactical mistake for him since both droppod armies and deamons begins to deploy in deepstrike on turn 1. This means that he need to guess where I will be fighting, I get the chance to counter his unit with one of my own, I can also simply ignore units and he loses 1 turn where I will not be on the board. The only time I have done this strategies the game resulted in a bloody draw but WHAT a great tactical and fun game that was!

    Well, I'll be stoping there for the moment. I hope this list can help you. Oh! and also please comment !

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