2000 points v eldar - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 points v eldar

    Hi i am going to be versing 2000 points of eldar on the weekend and i was thinking of

    Hq- nightbringer

    Elite- 10 flayed ones

    Troops- 10 warriors
    10 warriors

    Fast attack- 5 destroyers
    5 destroyers
    3 wraiths

    Heavy support- monolith

    1993 points total PO at 11

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    - At 2000 points you should have a minimum of 4 Warrior squads and I would probably take 5.

    - You need a Lord somewhere with a Res Orb, no exceptions, or else anything with S8 or a Power Weapon is going to eat you for breakfast: Autarchs, Howling Banshees, Wraith-Lords, and Fire Dragons come to mind.

    - The Night-bringer's stats aren't considerably better than the Deceiver's: +1 WS (WS 5 on the Deceiver is good enough), +1 BS (who cares, C'Tan belong in CC), and +1 S (S9 on the Deceiver is nothing to sneer at). The Deceiver is as capable as the Night-Bringer at throwing down in CC except the Deceiver's abilities are much more useful and it costs 60 points less. Take a Deceiver instead!

    - You don't have enough Wraiths, either 6 or 9 or none at all, they need each other to avoid phase out.

    The list you posted comes to 1758 points.
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    324 (x8)

    Actualy counter, the list is 1993 (there's two monoliths)

    Count, I'm gonna back up most of what counter says here, you strongly need more warriors, I'd double your squads of them. Probly drop the Nightbringer to do this. then drop the wraiths to get an orb Lord. I'm not big on using monolith and C'tan in the same list, and you're trippling up on super-units, which is going to do a wretched number on your phase out. You're dropping nearly half of your points into units that don't contribute to phase out, and unless you magically keep the opponent from hitting your troop lines, you're going to get phased out.

    How do the Flayed Ones fit in? I won't argue with their place in the force, but make sure you have a specific goal for the units you are fielding. There's an Arts of the Red Harvest this week on Flayed Ones, maybe you could run through there for ideas?

    3 Wraiths, agreed will probably not last long, the opponent will have enough guns to give them some negative attention pretty quick into the game, I don't think just 3 would make it so far.

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