Just decided to get back into 40k after a long time off playing hordes/warmachine. It seems like I will get a spot in a 170 rogue trader taking place in about 3 weeks. So after reading tring to catch up on changes in 5th edition as well as considering what models I have at hand, this is what i came up with for 1750 on the dot. Please leave any feed back on list tactics etc. I have a few bucks to spend if you think I should add something.


Maxed out flying cc fex
Broodlord Ft, ext carp, toxic +8 steelers ext carp, tendrils, scuttler


Daka fex +1bs, flesh hooks
warriors 4 DS and scyting +1 BS scyting
warriors 4 2xdev+1bs, toxic and 1 bs+ds


2x8 steelers tendrils
8 gaunts spinefist
8 gaunts fleshborer
8 hormagaunts +1 I


sniperfex +1bs, +1save, chitic
2x zonatrophes synapse, psy scream, warp blast