2500 to 4000 point eldar army, to be used either competitively or friendly - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2500 to 4000 point eldar army, to be used either competitively or friendly

    Well, the title essentially says it all but I shall reiterate: a buddy is wanting to start an eldar army which can be used in a competitive match, or a friendly one. In addition, he doesnt like my advice so im asking for yall's. He already has a squad of 5 banshees with an exarch w/ mirrorblade, an unmade box of dark reapers, an unmade wraithlord, unmade box of rangers, an unmade wave serpent, and an unmade vyper.

    A: What should he equip his unmade units with?
    B:What should he add to his army?
    C:What should he equip the reccommended units with?

    Thanks to all who give help and may you all have bloody battles in the war-torn future!

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    What was your advice?

    When you say unmade...do you mean he hasnt put the models together yet? if so....

    I wanna say first, that just cause the model doesnt have the correct gun on it doesnt really mean $hit unless you are playing in 'ard boyz or something. If your opponent is really that uptight, then hes not playing to have fun, and theres no point in playing.

    But anyway here I go, I would put the tempest launcher on the Dark Reapers.

    The wrath lord is a toss up, On mine i have BL on his shoulder and a wrath sword in his hand.

    Rangers have no options, glue their back packs on.

    The WS is also a toss up, i currently own 2 and I put a bright lance and EML on the turrets, since these are the 2 guns i always take them.

    For the Vyper, the most common set ups are shuriken cannons, scatter lasers or EML. I personally put the scatter laser on mine, however when/if i ever take them i put 2 shuriken cannons on each of them.

    What to add:

    For starters and HQ choice, I suggest a Farseer that rolls with the Banshees.

    Next I would get 4 more banshees (ebay), so you have the option of having 10 strong unit.'

    Now he only has 1 troop choice, I recommend a 10 man squad of DA and their own personal Wave serpeant.

    What to equip with in the game? or what to equip with when building the model?

    For the models of DA i have 2 squads and put the power weapon/shimmer shield on one and the dual shuriken catapults on the other. When I actually play the game though I usually take the dual shuriken catapults with the exarch power bladestorm.

    Competive lists usually have lots of waveserpeants and fire prisms. Friendly lists have a mix of everything from outflanking scorpions to wave serpeant riding storm guardians to jetbiking guarians. Have fun.

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