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    New to Eldar... 750pt list


    I am just getting back into Warhammer 40k after about 6 years because my brother enlisted in the air force and to give him a little feeling of home we are doing a long distance tale of two gamers. I am going to start Eldar and he will be playing Imperial Guard. We have decided to start with 750pts. I would like some advice from the veterans on two lists I have made.

    The lists are basically the same but I can't decide between Rangers or Striking Scorpions. I really like them both. I like the idea of having a scoring unit that has a good cover save and long range, but I also like the assault capabilities and infiltration of the Scorpions. Let me also say that I don't want a debate of which unit is superior, but which unit works best with the rest of my army. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

    Anyway, here are my lists.

    Farseer - Guide

    Dire Avengers x8 - Exarch w/ dual ShuriCats and Bladestorm

    Wave Serpent - TL Bright Lance

    Guardians x10 - Scatter Laser

    Guardians x10 - Scatter Laser

    Pathfinders x5

    War Walker - Bright Lance x2 and Spirit Stones

    Total - 743


    Farseer - Guide

    Striking Scorpions x7 - Exarch w/ Shadowstrike

    Dire Avengers x7 - Exarch w/ dual ShuriCats and Bladestorm

    Wave Serpent - TL Bright Lance

    Guardians x10 - Scatter Laser

    Guardians x10 - Scatter Laser

    War Walker - Bright Lance x2

    Total - 750

    P.S. I am not really concerned with a tournament winning list, hence the guardians, but something that is fluffy and fun to play with and against.

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    While guide is a good spell, i prefer doom over it.

    If I were you, Id drop a squad of guardians from either list. you have alot of scoring units. Plus i know you dont kare, but there not that good! even for a friendly game!.

    To save points I would not take BL on warwalkers becuase it has a low BS and can die very fast. Also no spirit stones.

    Wave serpeants need spirit stones if they dont have them already.

    What I would do with these lists....

    Take the 2nd one.

    Drop a squad of guardians....drop some BLs fromt he war walkers, take 5 rangers. Then you have both of the units you want. =)

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