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    2 lists whic one to chose?

    Hi, I've decided to expand my existing eldar force and try to make a more fluffy army build around one of the craftworlds. The two craftworlds that I've always liked the most are the Saim-hann and Ulthwe, so here are two lists themed around those two craftworlds:

    List 1. Saim-Hann.
    farseer, bike, spirit stone, doom, fortune.
    5 warlocks, 5x bikes, 3x destructor, 1x embolden, 1x enhance.

    6x jetbikes, 2 cannons.
    6x jetbikes, 2 cannons.
    6x jetbikes, 2 cannons.

    2x vypers, bright lance.

    3x fire prism, holo fields.

    List 2. Ulthwe.


    4x 10 guardians, scatter laser.

    9x scopions, exarch, claw.
    8x scopions, exarch, chainsabres.

    2x wraithlords, bright lance, EML, flamers.
    1x wraithlord, scatter laser, shuriken cannon, shuriken cats.

    The tactic behind the ulthwe list is having the scopions make a fortuned moving shield infront of the guardians, the waraithlords protect the flanks and provide some fire/CC support.
    Which do you thinks would be the funnest/best to play? any sygestions/changes you would make, let me here.
    Thanks in advance!

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    As an extremely biased Saim-Hann player I'd say go with the Saim-Hann theme. Although there are some modifications you ought to do on the units themselves. Infantry is fine in a Saim-Hann list as long as its mechanised, I'm thinking of a squad of either Banshees or Avengers mounted in a serpent. The wave serpent is a fantastic piece of kit, and a much better place to stick your bright lances than the ultra-vulnerable vypers. I find vypers work best with an EML for versatile roles (hitting light vehicles and transports or templating light infantry), they become a little too expensive to consider with a bright lance. Besides, if you're running triple prisms and a bike seer council you've pretty well got the anti-tank part of your list covered.

    Next; never, ever, ever put holofields on a prism. ANY result on the damage table is bad because they all stop them from shooting, which is actually all they can do. They also make them VERY expensive and in a list which is already full of expensive units that is a bad thing.

    The bike council is pretty expensive, I would probably drop one warlock, total 5 is the ideal number for the unit as it takes you above the crucial 4 (whereby you take a morale check for every casualty). 6 isn't a whole lot better than 5 given that a Farseer and 4 warlocks will have enough str 9 attacks to hammer almost any vehicle in the game in assault.

    IF you down grade the Vypers lances to EMLs, drop the holofields and lose a warlock then you should save something in the region of 200 pts, which is enough to swap one of your bike squads for Avengers and buy them a wave serpent with Brightlance and spirit stones and have a few points left over.

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    All I know is that you shouldnt choose ulthwe until they bring back black guardians. (if they ever do)

    Id give my advice for the bike list but norman already said everything needed to be said.

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