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    750 point tourny, which army?

    I have a tournament coming up in 2 weeks and Iv'e decided to enter, but I don't know which army list to choose.

    *List One:

    Farseer, doom, singing spear. 83

    6 Howling banshees, exarch, executioner, war shout, acrobat. 128
    Wave Serpent, shuriken cannon. 100

    5 striking scorpions 80

    8 dire avengers, exarch, dual shuriken catapults, bladestorm. 128
    Wave Serpent, bright lance. 135
    5 rangers 95

    Total: 749

    7 KPs

    List Two:

    Farseer doom, singing spear, runes of warding. 98

    6 striking scorpions, exarch, scorpions claw, stalker. 128

    8 dire avengers, exarch, dual shuriken catapults, bladestorm. 128
    Wave Serpent, bright lance, star engines. 150

    5 pathfinders 120

    Wraithlord ( flamers ), wraithsword, scatter laser. 125

    Total: 749

    6 KPs

    Which army do you think would fare better in a tournament in your opinion?

    I'm not expecting to win because two other eldar players have handed in their army lists already and are bringing 2 wraithlords + Avatar and 3 bare bone prisms between them ( do they have no shame? )

    Thanks for helping,


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    I like the first army personally. If you have the squads (or the time to purchase them) consider dropping the rangers and scorpions in favor of a 6 man squad of jetbikes. They'll fit in better with your speedy theme and be able to keep up with the rest of your army. My thoughts are that if you can zoom your entire army at the enemy turn 1 (who hopefully has divided his forces a little bit) then you may be able to take out his units en-mass and keep your army together for strength.

    In the case of the 2 cheese armies, with those numbers they'll be really short on troops, just try to concentrate all your firepower on those (unless its annihilation then your kinda screwed) and then dance around for the rest of the game and claim an objective on the last turn!
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    1st list. Although I would make the following adjustments.

    Drop the scorpions unless you can fit infiltrate in there....and an exarch.

    I would exchange the executioner for mirror swords and drop war shout.

    I would drop the farseers spear altogether.

    Use those points to upgrade that serpeants weapon from a S cannon to maybe a EML. Then you can use the rest to give one of ur squads more men/women.

    Haha, those other eldar lists are funny for 750 points. I always thought that under 1000 points the Heavy support slots should be reduced by 1 and above 2000 pts they should add one. And something similer with the elites slots. Although the minimum troops should be more than 2 for above 1500 in my opinion.

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