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    Updated 1750, any obvious flaws?

    So i posted a list a while ago, but it wasn't very detailed and I have been mulling over it for a while now. This is what I decided to bring to the tournament. (by the way I just returned to 40k from a long break). Do you guys see any inherent flaws or short comings with this list?

    HQ: Hive Tyrant (209) flesh hooks, toxic sac,ag(i), wings, warp field, 2x scything talons
    Brood Lord ( 93) toxic sac, carapace, tendril feeders
    Retuine (146) 7xSteelers with carapace and flesh hooks

    Elite: 2xLictors (160)
    5xwarriors (175) toxic sacs, carapace, scyting talons 4xDS 1xBS

    Troops: 6xSteelers (120) scuttler, feeder tendrils
    6xSteelers (120) scuttler, Flesh hooks
    16xGaunts (96) Flesh borrers

    Fast: 3xBio acid mines (36)

    Heavy: Carnifex (12 2x twin linked devs, flesh hooks, enhanced sences, chitic
    Carnifex (14 Barbed strangler, venom can, enhanced scenes
    Carnifex (14 Barbed strangler, venom can, enhanced scenes

    Total: (1747/1750)

    Tactics: Brood lord can chose to outflank or infiltrate with steelers outflanking. Lictors are there to ensure I get the troops on the bord asap, and to t harash gun units/tank. should also be able to help tyrant and the steelers with hooks out with failed attack rolls.

    In the center gaunts will form a gun line followed by warriors and behind them the Dev-fex. This should give a nice cover save for all for atleast a round. The sniper fexes will probably stay one on each side of the core depending on the terrain etc. As for the Tyrant.. well its my first time fielding him so not really sure but I understand the that key is a cautious aproach to ensure survival.

    Going to play test in next few days, and will proxy one of the sniperfex before I build it, as Im still very tempted to make it a ninja fex to send barreling down with the tyrant. and maybe get some more steelers if points allow.

    Very greatful for any feedback, I think I will be facing lots of IG as thats the flavour of the month but who knows.

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