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    1000 pt Beginner Army

    Hi, I recently started playing Tyranids, and have been trying to make an army to play my friends with (they play orks and IG). I've tweaked it a couple times now (from recommendations from many people) and wanted to see what this forum thought of it.


    1 Hive Tyrant -2 Scything Talons 186 pts
    -Adrenal Glands (+1 WS)
    -Flesh Hooks
    -Toxin Sacs
    -Warp Field


    5 Warriors -x1 Barbed Strangler, Deathspitter x4 175 pts
    -Scything Talons
    -Extended Carapace
    -Toxin Sacs


    17 Gaunts -Fleshborer 102 pts

    8 Gaunts -Spinefists 64 pts
    -Without Number

    7 Genestealers -Feeder Tendrils 140 pts

    7 Genestealers -Feeder Tendrils 119 pts


    1 Carnifex -Barbed Strangler 149 pts
    -Venom Cannon
    -Enhanced Senses
    -Flesh Hooks

    1 Zoanthrope -Synapse Creature 65 pts
    -Warp Blast

    Does it look ok? Are there any holes I should be filling? I'm looking for any advice you have to offer.

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    Here's my take.

    I'd ditch the Warp Field. The Invuln will never save you and the better save isn't a big deal. A Flyrant tears through Troops like paper, just send it at the right things and it'll be fine.

    Warriors look okay, I'd add Enhanced Senses so they hit. Good unit to lay the hurt on Guard or other Horde.

    I'd use Hormagaunts instead of shooty Gaunts. The Shooty Tyranid army is usually a Stompy one, you need some CC punch. Let your slow Warriors and 'Fex do the cover fire.

    Genestealers have WS6, they don't need Tendrils. They aren't expensive, but it's still a waste. Give them Flesh Hooks instead and run them with Hormagaunts so they aren't as easy to pick off.

    Drop the Hooks and Strangler off the 'Fex. Carnifexes have I1, so they're not winning any contests with or without Hooks. Upgrade the Venom Cannon to TL, that's a great Tank Killer.

    I'd drop the Zoanthrope for another identical 'Fex if you can. Zoanthropes aren't that good, and very easy to kill. A bit of point retooling can let you add another Warrior for reliable Synapse, your tank hunting will be great and you'll have 3 kinds of fast CC units. Here's a rough idea of what this would look like.

    Hive Tyrant w/ Adrenal Glands, Flesh Hooks, Wings, Toxin Sacs

    5 Warriors w/ TL DeathSpitters, Enhanced Senses

    15 Hormagaunts w/ Txoin Sacs

    15 Hormagaunts w/ Toxin Sacs

    Carnifex w/ Enhanced Sense, TL Venom Cannon

    Carnifex w/ Enhanced Sense, TL Venom Cannon

    Plenty of reliable shooting against tanks and light Infantry, Str 5 blasts will hurt a lot of squads. The Gaunts will always be near the Tyrant or the Warriors, so fine on Synapse, THe Tyrant has maximum killing for it's points. Dropp the Genestealers as they can't keep up with the rest of the assault units, and your Tyrant can kill the elites that Stealers usually go for.

    Sorry to post so much, hope I helped a little.
    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
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    I beg to differ.

    Warp field can be useful, depending on what your going up against.
    If there arent many weapons that ignore armour saves, id consider taking it.

    Feeder tendrils on the genestealers are a must.
    12 stealers on the charge is 36 attacks.
    24 of them will hit normally against low-average WS.
    With feeder tendrils, you will get 32 hits.
    Also, if one model of another squad is within 2" (or whatever it is) of one model in the genestealer squad, then the other squad get the bonus too!

    Zoanthropes are good, even more so against MEQ.
    That AP3 blast is awesome.

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