Hello All,
Was thinking of running this list at an upcoming event (750 point limit) I've not play tested it yet. but how do you think it might do? I expect to play a few MEQ armies, hence plenty of warp blasts for all!
I would run the fex and tyrant together as a tag team, forcing my oposition to shot one or the other, gaunts and hormagaunts rush to where they are needed with support from the zoans,

HQ - Hive Tyrant (AGW, Flesh Hooks, Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons x2, Warp Blast) 127

Troops - 12x Gaunts (Fleshborer) 72
Troops - 12x Gaunts (Fleshborer) 72
Troops - 16x Hormagaunts 160

Heavy 3x Zoanthropes (Warp Blast, Synapse Creature) 195

Heavy - Carnifex (AGW, AGI, Spine Banks, Toxic Miasma, Scything Talons x2) 124