2x Tyrant: Devs x2, +BS, +S
Each w/ 3 guard

9x Warrior Squad: Deathspitters, Barbed Strangler, +S, Leaping, 4xScythe, 5xRend

2x Elite Fexes: Barbed Strangler, Scythe

10x Stealers: Scout, FH
10x Stealers: Scout, FH
10x Stealers: Scout, FH
10x Stealers: Scout, Feeder

9x Spinegaunts: WoN
9x Spinegaunts: WoN

2x Hvy Fexes: Devs x2, +BS, +W, +T
1x Hvy Fex: Barbed Strangler, Scythe, +w, +T

One suttle advantage to this list is that the model count is low but the wound count is very high, coupled with the genestealers not being on the board for the first one or two turns means that my turns go by very fast...and you must agree, Tyranids shine after turn 2.

Played two separate days so the list did vary:
Opponent #1: IG mixed gunline...outflanking stealers and St 8 blasts ended them
Opponent #2: Closer Game, got lucky when he failed 6 of 11 terminator saves...that broke his flank and allowed my MCs to close in.
Opponent #3: hoard Orks...over 230 models. Got a minor loss, still good enough for 2nd place overall, Orks won.
Next Day:
Opponent #1: Deathwing plus LRs and Bikes...made multiple tactical mistakes and I boarded him.
Opponent #2: Bike vulkan list, getting turn one and St 8 blasts insta-killing attack bikes and pinning other units just broke him...he also allowed stealers to assault off the board edge.
Opponent #3: Dual Lash Nurgle...All I can say is that I want a rematch, good game though, he just made to many saves. Probably came in 10 out of 24, didn't stick around to see.

MVP: My whole army functioned as a whole...pressing my opponents into the center and crushing them. The MVP goes to the Warriors though...dropping St 6 blasts and then supprising 12" assaults w/ St 5 and some rending either killed or tied up priority targets. The ork player was the only one that new to kill them right away.