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    1750, for a upcoming tournament

    Tyrant 2 twin-linked devourers,Toxin Sacs, Enhanced Senses BS, 2 guards 193

    8 genestealers, scuttlers, feeder tendrils 160
    8 genestealers, scuttlers, feeder tendrils 160
    16 termagaunts 96
    16 termagaunts 96
    16 termagaunts 96

    1xcarnifex 2 twin-linked devourers, Enhanced Senses BS 113
    2 Lictors 160
    6 warriors toxin sacs, Enhanced Senses BS, 5 deathspitters, 1 strangler 6ggr scythes 203

    1 Carnifex with venom cannon, barbed strangler, Enhanced Senses BS, Reinforced Chitin 163
    3 biovores bio acid mines 165
    2 Zoanthropes warp blast/synapse 130


    Alright, thinking on building this for an upcoming tournament this autumn. Some thoughts tho

    DevilTyrant without flying? change is weapon load out maybe, or switch the guards for flying/warp field?

    Take off a warrior and a biovore to produce another gaunt unit with WoN? or remove a Zoan to do the same.

    Remove the biovores all together to put in another Zoanthrope and a WoN gaunt unit.

    Whats your thoughts?

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    i would've thought ES on the warriors and their DS to be unnecessary, so you can shave a few points off that way.

    also the ES and venom cannon on the carnie, a bit costly for only a glancing weapon, and ES could be unecessary for the BS. maybe trade it for another deathspitter for more templates.

    the idea of another zoan sounds solid

    i'm not a fan of biovores personally (because of the model, not playing experience), but i see them as a left-field unit people wouldn't expect. could be fun to use if you like them yourself and can field test them to see how they do

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