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    1500 Hybrid Ork List

    -'eavy armor, boss pole, cybork body, klaw-105 (WITH NOBZ)

    TOTAL: 105

    10 Nobz
    -'eavy armor x10, Waaagh! Banner
    -2 Klaws, 5 Big choppas,
    -Painboy, cyborks-
    1 Trukk, red paint job, grot riggers, 445

    10 Lootas 150
    -1 Mek

    TOTAL: 595

    21 Boyz
    -2 big shoota-
    -Nob, big choppa, bosspole- 156

    20 Gretchin, 2 Runtherds, 80

    10 Boyz, +Nob, Big Choppa,
    1 Trukk, Red Paint Job, Grot Riggers, 120

    TOTAL: 356

    3 Defkoptas
    -3 Twin-Linked rokkit launcher, 1 bigbomm-150

    3 Warbikers, Nob, Big Choppa, Bosspole, 95

    3 Warbuggiez, 3 twin linked rokkit launcha, 105

    TOTAL: 350


    2 Killa Kans, 2 Grotzooka, 90

    1496 Points.

    Looking for comments/suggestions. I was thinking I might drop 2 warbuggies, the bigbomm and 5 lootas to make room for another 3 bikes and another squad of 10 boyz on a trukk, but i'm not sure yet. New to the army, only played one game so far, which was a draw, and it was with a different list, so i'm still learning how the Orks work, but i like the idea of keeping it hybrid.

    Lord Dnigh
    Lord Dnigh's Armies...

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    with only 30 boyz and 20 grots you seem a little light on troops IMO.

    yes your nobs will crush ememy units but for the money you are spending on them they will have to do really well to get the points back you spent on them.

    2 killa kans are fine but 3 would be better..

    warbikes should be made up to around 6, that way they will have alot more shooting and wont run away after just one ork goes down.

    Defkoptas with rokkits are fine but you will have the same problem that you have with your bikes.. after only one dies they are likly to run away. i would say thay you should work out what you like in fast attack and focus on one or two units..

    ork fast attack units are just that fast! by taking 3 buggies together your just making it easyer for the enemy to kill, if one is unable to move then your whole unit is in trouble and you will be forced to kill your own unit.

    buggies work best on their own as a cheap harass unit.

    over all i would say drop a few of the nobs and the Defkoptas then use your extra points to buy more bikes and more boyz

    hope some of this helps

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