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    Brand New Player's list 1500

    Hi all. I have been reviewing the lists on this page and notice a plethora of 1500 point armies. Everyone seems to have their own variation on what they feel is a good and bad list. Below is what I am hoping will turn out to be a fun army to play. My main goal in this is in hopes that I am not creating a gimped army. Also I hope to gain some insight from the experienced players out there. Tweaks are more than welcome:

    Lord (Res Orb; Gaze of Flame) 155
    Warrior (3 units of 10 ) 540
    Destroyers (2 units of 3) 300
    Monolith 235
    Flayed Ones (4) 72
    Immortals (5) 140

    This leaves me with 58 points left. I can either up my elites by 1 each or I can add some scarabs.

    I also intend on putting my lord in the flayed ones unit.

    Mahalo for your feedback

    Last edited by Quinlayen; July 20th, 2009 at 14:25.

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    Welcome to LO Quinlayen, and Welcome to the Necron Tomb!

    Your list is solid. For the extra points you're putting in I'd take 2 more immortals for that much more kill potential (and durability) though scarabs wouldn't hurt persay ,they aren't as useful in 1.5k unless in much higher numbers.

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    You've got the right idea with your Destroyers, Warriors, and Monolith. However, below are some things to take into consideration:

    - Gaze of Flame in conjunction with Flayed Ones is a good tactic, but you don't have enough Flayed Ones to make it viable. I also noticed that you have a squad of 5 Immortals. My advice is to use all your points and go either all-out CC with Flayed Ones or all-out Shooty with Immortals; not a minimized squad of each. The reason is that Necrons require models of the same type within 6" (or anywhere on the board if a Tomb Syder is within 12") to get their WBB. Your two minimized squads will get shot to shreds in half a turn and won't be able to make WBBs.

    - I would advise against Scarabs unless you max them out at 10 models equipped with Disruption Fields because you need them to do some damage or tie up enemy units for least 2 turns before they get scrapped or else they're just wasted points.

    So suggested tweaks: If your set on combining the Lord and Flayed Ones than drop the Immortals and use the points to max out your Flayed Ones at 10. That leaves you with 90 points left over. I would use those 90 points to make your Lord and Flayed Ones better by giving the Lord a Phase Shifter and War Scythe and add 1 more Warrior to each squad.
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